Karkonosze Mountains

Karkonosze Mountains

Karkonosze is the highest and undoubtedly the most famous mountain range of Sudety. Thanks to the very well developed touristic infrastructure (a network of tourist trails, mountain shelters and Read More »

The Malbork Castle

The Malbork Castle (German: Marienburg – Mary’s Castle) is a masterpiece of late medieval, defensive and residential architecture. It is the largest gothic castle complex in the world, with the Read More »

Visiting Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze) – Hitler’s Headquarters)

If you’re you’re a history enthusiast especially about World War II period, there is one place you cannot miss – the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s former military headquarters known as „Wolf’s Lair Read More »


Most of travellers start their adventure in Poland from Warsaw-Polish capital, today beautiful city welcoming around 9 mln tourists each year✈??But do you know the tragic history of this place? Read More »

Roztocze National Park

The Roztocze National Park was created on may 10th 1974 and is located in the central-eastern part of Poland, in the lubelskie region. It contains the most precious natural areas of Roztocze Read More »

The Bialowieza Wilderness

The Bialowieza wilderness is a unique forest complex at a European scale, because it is the last lowland forest at this continent. It is located at the border between Poland and Belarus and Read More »

The 26th Krakow Honey Harvest Festival

Between September 6th and September 8th 2019, there will be the 26th Krakow Honey Harvest in. Once again, you are invited tot this event by the Krakow Beekeeper Association. On the second weekend Read More »

The Green Velo Route – Eastern Poland by bike.

Bicycle trips are a perfect idea to spend your free time actively, starting in early spring and finishing in late autumn. Fans of wheelers will find quite a few interesting trails in our country Read More »

The mysterious symbol of Krakow!

One of the main symbols of Krakow is a mysterious melody called “Hejnał” (pron. Hey-now ). Walking around the Main Square, You will certainly hear the it coming from the top of St. Read More »

What is famous “Milk bar” ?

Poland is a very interesting country with unique traditions. There is so much to discover, to try something new and extraordinary! For example, have you ever heard about “Milk bar”?If not, Read More »

5 Ultimate reasons you should visit Wroclaw!

Most of travellers going to Poland, even don’t consider visiting Wroclaw. What’s a shame!?It’s one of the most remarkable European cities you just can’t skip! Below Read More »

TOP-5 Polish dishes

We have prepared TOP-5 Polish dishes (we bet you’ve never tried) which will steal your heart and will definetely make you come back here again and again? Barszcz czerwony ( Beetroot soup) Read More »

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