Krakow Christmas Market 2019

Krakow Christmas Market 2019

The Christmas market in Krakow has an over 100-year old tradition and reach back to the days, when they were known as the „Christmas fair” On November 29th, the Krakow Main Market Square will Read More »

What to see in Katowice

The multicultural capital of Upper Silesia has been refreshening its image in recent years, becoming a more and more frequent tourist destination for both Polish and foreign travelers. The Read More »

New flight connections to Poland 2020

A lot of new air routes from Poland. The Polish air lines announce their plans. There will be more flights on national routes. There are four cities on the list. There will be 27 new routes Read More »

The Pieniny National Park

The Pieniny National Park is a small, yet very attractive protected area in terms of nature and as a tourist attraction. It was established – under the name of the National Park of Pieniny on Read More »

The Stolowe Mountains

The Stolowe Mountains are one of the most popular mountain ranges in Sudety. Some of the things that are considered the tourist magnet include health spas located at the edge of the mountain Read More »

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