Sandomierz is a city upon Vistula, which in recent years might have been associated with the popular tv show „Ojciec Mateusz”, telling the story of a priest, who was also a detective. But it is Read More »

Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday is one of the last days of the carnival. It is widely associated with feasting and eating donuts. But have you ever wondered where did this irresistibly delicious custom come from? Read More »


Muszyna is a small spa village, located in the picturesque Valley of Poprad and surrounded by smal mountain ranges of Beskid Sadecki. If you’re wondering what should you visit in this charming Read More »


Nieborow is a village located in the lodzkie region, in the valley of the Bzura river. The surroundings of Nieborow were enhabited for a very long time, which was proven by the discovery of Read More »


Lowicz is a town located in the lodzkie region, on the Lowicko-Blonska Plain. According to archaeological research, in the place of today’s castle ruins, there was a wooden-ground defensive Read More »


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to spend a day woith your family, then look absolutely no further thna Zatorland. This amusement park is designed to entertain and educate at hthe Read More »

Radzyn Podlaski

Radzyn Podlaski is a town in the lubelskie region. It is historically located in Lesser Poland, in lukowska land, since the 19th century this area was also known as the southern Podlasie. Before Read More »

The Drawskie Lake District

The Drawskie Lake District consists of a wiode range of lakes, extending to the south-west from Upper Gwda to Central Drawa. The landscape of this beautiful region contains huge tracts of forests Read More »

Zielona Gora

Zielona Gora always had a gentle climate, which is why it was famous for growing vinegrapes and producing wine for at least 700 years. The first record about cultivating vinegrapes in this place Read More »


Augustow is a beautiful city, existing since the 16th century. It gained its attractiveness thanks to its location around the lakes and the forests of the Augustow Wilderness. This city is a Read More »


Tarnobrzeg is a Polish city located in the podkarpackie region. The name of the city comes from the gentry family of Tarnowscy, who founded it. But it wasn’t officially known as Tarnobrzeg until Read More »


Inowroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Long ago, the famous amber trail was running through this city. Today, thanks to the brine graduation tower, which is one of the few objects of Read More »


Niepokalanow is a Franciscan monastery-sanctuary, located in the village of Paprotnia. The monastery, covering the surface of 28 hectares, is located approximately 42 kilometers to the west from Read More »

Gora Kalwaria

Gora Kalwaria is a small town in the Mazowieckie region, in the community of Gora Kalwaria, located upon the river Vistula, 34 kilometers away from Warsaw. Gora Kalwaria received its town Read More »

The Royal Castle in Niepolomice

The Royal Castle in Niepolomice is gothic castle from the mid-14th century, rebuilt in renaissance style, located in the centre of Niepolomice. This spacious castle is known as „The second Read More »


Krzyztopor (formerly Krzysztopor) – the ruins of a palace residence created between 1627 and 1644, surrounded by bastion fortifications. Located in the village of Ujazd, in the swietokrzyskie Read More »

The Moszna Mansion

The Moszna Mansion is a monumental residence, located in the village of Moszna, in the opolskie region. It is one of the most recognizable monumental objects in the opolskie region. From 1866 to Read More »

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