Attractions in Tatra Mountains to see at least once

The Myslowice City Museum

The Myslowice City Museum is located in the exact same building as the Central Firefighting Museum, obviously in Myslowice, in the Upper Silesia. Both exhibitions can be seen during one trip with Read More »

Tourist attractions in Istebna

What should you see in the town of Istebna? Tourist attractions in Istebna are interesting and incredibly diverse. Some of the highlights of Istebna include the 18th century catholic Good Read More »

Tatra Mountain Investment

There are big plans awaiting the Tatra mountain village of Kiry in the very near future. The Kiry Nature Education Centre is meant to be built by the entrance of the Koscielisko Valley.’ This Read More »

Kayaking in Poland

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular among ways of spending an active weekend by the water. And there’s nothing surprising about it, because it is affordable for everyone and suitable for Read More »

Biking in Poland

Bicycling is a perfect opportunity not only for actively spent time outdoors., It is also a chnace to discover the beauty of national parks, moutains, castles, fortresses and even the Baltic Sea. Read More »

Camping in Poland

Where should you go camping in Poland? Top 5 most interesting campsites. Summer is just around the corner. People who like harsh conditions and close encounter with nature, rather than luxurious, Read More »

Horseriding in Poland

People once believed that horses have the power to scare away evil – that’s why witches were scared of them. Grey horses bring good luck and make dreams come true. Black horses increase passion. Read More »

Windsurfing in Poland

Windsurfing in the coast The Hel Peninsula is a permanent for seasonal trips among fans of windsurfing. Extensive shoals of the Puck Bay, regular western winds blowing alongside the coast, a Read More »

Grodek upon Dunajec

Grodek upon Dunajec is a small, several-thousand village located in Lesser Poland. This is a great idea for taking a few days of vacation in the summer, especially on very hot days. The greatest Read More »

Kitesurfing in Poland

The Hel Peninsula, the Hel Mierzeja – a sandy knife-shaped embankment with the length of 35 kilometers. Hel is the most popular place for kitesurfing, because for 220 days, the „perfect” wind is Read More »

The Ilawskie Lake District

Between the mysterious, picturesque ruins, on the great lakes, between the forested hills, unforgettable adventures are waiting for tourists. Lively summer villages guarantee great fun for Read More »

Herring Farm

In 2010, an old house from 1902 and an 1832 barn were discovered. The people, who found these two old objects, decided to renovate them with one goal in mind – to revive activity in the village Read More »

The Osowiec Fortress

The Osowiec Fortress is a mid-19th century fortress, located at the area of the Goniadz community, in the moniecki County in Poland. It is most famous for its 6.5-month defense during World War Read More »

The Kurpiowski Open-Air Museum

The Kurpiowski Open-Air Museum was established on June 19th 1927 by Adam Chetnik as the Kurpie Museum. It is the second oldest museum of folk architecture in Poland. The founder of this museum, Read More »

Attractions in Przemysl

Przemysl is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities, not only in the Podkarpackie region, but also in the scale of the whole country. It is also one of the oldest cities. The origins of Read More »


Tourist attractions of Nysa are numerous and interesting. It is a medium-sized city in the Opolskie region. The name of the town comes from the river flowing throgh it – Nysa Klodzka. There is Read More »

Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana and St. Leonard’s church are some of the most beautiful small jewels of Lesser Poland. Especially since the local monument was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lipnica Read More »


When mentioning the most interesting towns of Cieszyn Silesia, you should definitely place Ustron at one of the first places. That’s because Ustron is one of the most popular tourist-recreation Read More »

Park of Poland – Suntago

If you think you have seen all the most exciting water parks in Poland, think again! Park of Poland is the newest amusement and leisure park on the map of our country. It is located in the small Read More »


Olsztyn is one of the largest cities in northern Poland. It is the capital city of the warminsko-mazurskie region, as well as a giant administrative, economic, educational and cultural complex. Read More »

Attractions in Nowy Wisnicz

Nowy Wisnicz is a small town in Lesser Poland, in the bochenski County. There are approximately 3000 permanent citizens. You might be surprised by the fact, that many beautiful yet still Read More »

Krempna in Beskid Niski

Krempna in Beskid Niski is a small village in the podkarpackie region. There are 500 permanent citizens here. However, compared to other, even smaller villages and entire tracts of uninhabited Read More »

Jastrzebia Gora and Tupadly

Jastrzebia Gora might be in the direct neighborhood of Tupadly, but there are quite a few differences between these two towns. Jastrzebia Giora is a popular Baltic Sea resort. Before it became a Read More »

Attractions of Warmia and Mazury

If you’re wondering what should you visit during your vacation in the Warminsko-Mazurskie region, we have got you covered. Here are a few interestring attractions that the entire family can Read More »

Surprising attractions in Poland

Some attractions might not look much interesting until you get close to them. These are places often visited by Polish peolpe, because they can offer many positive surprises. Stawa Mlyny It Read More »

Attractions of the lubuskie region

Lubuskie is one of the most interesting regions in Poland. It advertises itself with the words: „Lubskie Warte Zachodu” (Lubuskie – worth the effort) If you’re wondering what should you visit in Read More »


While you’re planning a vacation break, you should definitely consider going to Olecko. This city with 17000 people living there, which was established in 1560, has a lot of attractions to offer. Read More »

Jelenia Gora

Jelenia Gora is not only a perfect place to active tourism, but also an interesting travel destination itself. If you’re wondering what should you visit in this charming city, here are a few Read More »


Poronin is a Polish village, located in the malopolskie region, 7 kilometers away from Zakopane. Between 1975 and 1998, this town was part of the nowosadeckie region. The first information about Read More »


Szczebrzeszyn is a Polish city, located in the lubelskie region, upon the river Wieprz. It is probably most famous for the verse of Jan Brzechwa’s poem „In Szczebrzeszyn the cricket plays between Read More »

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