What should you see in Gdansk? 6 greatest attractions

What should you see in Gdansk? 6 greatest attractions

The majestic monuments, the medieval trading harbor, the lively streets and the 1000—year long history – Gdańsk should be an obligatory place to be visited on the map of Poland. Let’s visit the Read More »

The biggest attractions in the famous Karkonosze resort

Karkonosze can easily be considered one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in Poland. In this area we can find more than 150 incredible rock formations, mountain lakes, countless streams and Read More »

Active vacation in Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is one of the cleanest and most beautiful regions in Poland. Anyone who comes here will undoubtedly be delighted by the wonderful Masurian lakes, extensive forests, historical Read More »

6 most beautiful lakes in the Tatra Mountains

Although most people associate the Polish Tatra Mountains with mountain peaks, this area can also be proud of 40 permanent lakes. The most well-known one (and the most crowded) is of course the Read More »

The Lubuskie Movie Summer in Łagów

Łagów is a summer vacation village, picturesquely located upon lake Łagowskie and lake Trześniowskie. It is the capital town of the Łagowskie Lake District. Between 1347 and 1810, this town was Read More »

The Kurpie wedding in Kadzidło

Kadzidło is the most well-known center of kurpie culture, preserved in various arts, including ornamentation, paper cutting, lacing, building and costume making. The characteristic thing for this Read More »


Pszczyna, the capital city of the historical Free State Country, is located at the south of the Pszczyna Forests. It is one of the prettiest silesian with the preserved, middle-age urban layout. Read More »


Reszel is a unique architectural complex at the border of Warmia and Mazury. It is one of th very few towns in this region, which survived the attacks of the Soviet Union without a single scratch Read More »

9 places you should see in the Lubelskie region

The Lubelskie region is becoming more and more popular among weekend trip destinations. The artistic Kazimierz Dolny, the renaissance Zamość, the Roztocze National Park with beautiful landscapes, Read More »

The most beautiful castles in Poland.

Poland is famous for countless monumental, impressive castles – there are more than 400 of them at the area of our country. Although most of these castles have turned inot ruins, there are also Read More »

6 most beautiful tourist trails in Bieszczady

Many people consider Bieszczady to be the one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Poland. Each season uncovers a different side of their natural charm. In summer and autumn, it amazes Read More »

The Easter Palm Contest in Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana is located in the wide valley of the Uszwica Lake at the area of Pogórze Wiśnicka. Between the 14th century and 1933 it had city rights. The urban layout with the rectangular Read More »

What should you see in Sudety?

8 most interesting places The area of Sudety is not just high mountains with spectacular trails and excellently prepared ski stations. It is also beautifully situated towns with rich history, Read More »

Little known places in Poland.

7 unusual places everyone should see The Azure Lake referred to as „The Polish Maldives”, The Crooked Forest covered with deformed pine trees, the Colorful Lakes, whith surprising colors of the Read More »

Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake

Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake are some of the most ineresting tourist attractions in Podlasie. And more precisely, at the border between Podlasie and Mazury. That’s because the border of the Read More »

What should you see in Puck?

There are plenty interesting things to see in Puck, including numerous monuments, such as the 13th century gothic church of St Peter and Paul. There is also an 18th century former wooden Read More »

Kornik Castle

Kornik is one of those castles, which you just have to see at least once. Especially since this is one of the few objects of this type in Greater Poland. In July 2011, this castle was conisidered Read More »


Krokowa is a large community village in the pomorskie region, not far from Puck. Its look might remind you of a small town. The entire village of Krokowa and its castle can be visited during one Read More »

Bytom Odrzanski

With its buildings and preserved urban layout, Bytom Odrzanski is a precious treasure of the Lubuskie Land. It can be compared with the town of Kazimierz Dolny upon Vistula, even though it is far Read More »


Zakliczyn is a small town nearby Tarnow, located in Lesser Poland, in the Tarnow County, at Pogorze Roznowskie, upon the Dunajec River. There are roughly 2000 permanent citizens here. But still, Read More »


Szczepanow is a small village located to the north from Brzesko, in which, according to tradition, St. Stanislaw, one of the main patrons Of Poland, was born. However, htere are no documents Read More »

The National Museum of Przemysl Land

The National Museum of Przemysl Land – located, of course, in Przemysl – has several divisions, including the Museum of Bells and Pipes and the Museum of History of Przemysl. But since 2008, the Read More »

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