Brodnica is located at the south-west edge of the Brodnickie Lake District, which is a small aggregation of post-glacial lakes, locateed to the east from the valley of the Vistula river. Of The Read More »

Ostrów Lednicki

At the Gniezno Lake District, several kilometers to the west from Gniezno, there is lake Lednica. In its central part you can find Ostrów Lednicki – the largest of the five islands, at which Read More »

Attractions in Zwierzyiec

The history of Zwierzyniec began in 1593. The town originated as part of Ordynacja Zamojska, which was established four years earlier by Jan Sariusz Zamoyski. At the beginning, the Hunters’ Read More »

Bory Tucholskie

Bory Tucholskie is a fragment of an ancient, mighty Pomeranian Wilderness, which long ago extended between the Vistula and Odra rivers. Despite the fact, that there were some people settling down Read More »


Milicz is an incredibly charming town down, located by the river of Barycz, at the border between the Lower Silesia and Greater Poland. The town originated from the medieval settlement, which was Read More »

Chmielaki in Krasnystaw

Krasnystaw is a town upon the river Wieprz, located by the main road, which connects Lublin with Zamość. At its center you can find a charming market square surrounded by stonehouses from the Read More »


The battle at Grunwald is one of the greatest and most important battles in the history of medieval Europe. In the german historiography it is described as the battle at Tannenberg, after the Read More »

Unusual Must-see places in Poland

Chalk underground beneath Chełm The corridors extending under the city of Chełm which were cored over the time of 700 years in the gigantic deposit of chalk, might be up 40 kilometers long. There Read More »

The Drawski Landscape Park

The Drawski Landscape Park was established in 1979 and is located in the most beautiful and most diverse part of the Drawskie Lake District in terms of landscapes. There are nearly 60 lakes at Read More »


Ciechocinek is a famous Polish health spa. Anyone who visited this town, has their own private, sometimes secret story about this incredible place. They don’t refer to Ciechocinek as the place Read More »

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