Długopole-Zdrój is a health-spa village located in the dolnośląskie region, in the Bystrzyca Kłodzka community The first documented mention of this town dates back to 1346, and tells about giving Read More »


Czerniawa-Zdrój is a health spa and a district of Świeradów-Zdrój, located in the dolnośląskie region. It is one of the oldest health spas in this area. The settlement was established in the 17th Read More »

Birdwatching in Poland

Birdwatching is a popular hobby among people in Great Britain and USA, but it is slowly gaining popularity in Poland as well. In the already mentioned countries there several millions of people Read More »

The PRL Museum

The PRL Museum is an institution located in the building of a former „Światowid” Cinema in the Nowa Huta district of Kraków. The idea of the museum came from the City Council of Kraków in Read More »

Lake Pilchowickie

Lake Pilchowickie is an artificially created water reservoir. The Bóbr Dam was created in 1912, it is 62 meters high and 290 meters wide, as well as up to 60 meters thick. It really is Read More »

The Sobótka-Górka Castle

The history of the castle in Sobótka-Górka began in the 12th century. At that time, the first chapel designed specifically for Augustinians was created, which was later rebuilt for a parish Read More »

The Paulinum Palace

The pearl and a great treasure among the monuments of Jelenia Góra is the Paulinum Palace, built in the 19th century sat the top of a park hill, nearly at the very centre of the city. The Read More »


Koszalin is the second largest city of Pomorze Zachodnie, which is located at the junction of three regions – The Słowińskie coast, the Białogradzka Plain and the Słupsk Plain. Although it has no Read More »

The Łężczok Nature Reserve

Located between Racibórz, Nędza, Zawada Książęcsa and Babice, being part of the area of the Cysterskie Kompozycje Krajobrazowe Rud Wielkich Landscape Park, the Łężczok Nature Reserve is one of Read More »

Pakoszow Palace

The Pakoszów Palace is a baroque-styled palace located nearby the Kamienna river, in the border of the town of Piechowice, in the dolnośląskie region. It was built in 1725 for the order Johann Read More »

The Land of Loess Ravines

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Poland, we’ve got something special for you – the Land of Loess ravines, located upon the Vistula river. This is the location of the largest gathering Read More »

Tuczno Castle

The castle in Tuczno was established as a defensive fortress, in a small village with a fishing settlement. This is a strategic place: the fortress was supposed to defend th border between Read More »

Why should you visit Lublin?

Before the war, Lublin was a famous trading town, and a centre of trade between Poland and Lithuania, as well as other countries. This city is full of unique monuments, romantic corners, and Read More »

Free museums in Warsaw

Not all museums in Warsaw require buying a ticket. If you make a good plan of your visit to the capital of Poland, you can visit most of its museums for free. Allow us to introduce you to to the Read More »

Cheap attractions in Solina

Beautiful landscapes, nature qualities and health spa qualities? You can find that in Solina! This is a perfect place in Bieszczady to take a break from the crowds of the big city. And you can Read More »

Wild places in Poland part 2

9/17 The Opawskie Mountains (opolskie region) The Opawskie Mountains is a little-known, most eastern mountain range of the Polish Sudety. It is historically associated with the Lower Silesia, and Read More »


Międzygórze, located at the foothills of the Śnieżnik Massif, used to be the place, where iron was extracted, before the local people began to do weaving. It wasn;t until the 19th century that Read More »


Międzylesie, located between the Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Massif, has preserved its original urban layout with the characteristic market square, surrounded by charming stonehouses Read More »

Środa Śląska

In the middle ages, Środa Śląska was a crucial trading settlement. It gained its city rights thanks to Prince Henryk I Brodaty. The precious objects known as Skarb Średzki were most likely owned Read More »

Corpus Christi in Spycimierz

Spycimierz is a small village located in the valley of Warta, 3 kilometers to the south from Uniejów. In the morning of Corpus Christi day, the citizens of the local parish church are creating Read More »


The mighty massif of Ślęża, the highest and most northern part of Przedgórze Sudeckie, is one of the main tourist attractions of the Lower Silesia. Although the highest peak of the region, Ślęża, Read More »

The Gwarek Race in Sokołowsko

Sokołowsko is a picturesquely located climatic health spa. This is the place where, in 1855 one of the world’s first places of treating tuberculosis was opened. The town gained its Polish name Read More »


One of the most precious objects on the trail of the Palace and Garden Valley is the baroque palace in Mysłakowice, which was built in the second half of the 18th century, from the inititative of Read More »

Pucheroki in Bibice

Bibice is a large village, located not far from the northern borders of Kraków. It is one of the places, in which the folklore of the land of Kraków is still cultivated. The main promoter of Read More »

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