The Kościeliska Valley

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The Kościeliska Valley

The Kościeliska Valley is located in the Western Tatra Mountains, and is 9 kliometers long, which makes it the second largest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, behind the Chochołowska Valley. Read More »

Free attractions in Rzeszów

Rzeszów has lots of free attractions, that will be enjoyed by fans of history, architecture and axtive vacation. Here’s what you can see in Rzeszów without spending any money. The Rzeszów Castle Read More »

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia

If you try to come up with something that queen Świętosława, known as „the mother of Kings”, Roksolana, the wife of Sulejman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire and composer Fryderyk Read More »

The Sarnia Skała trail

Sarnia Skała used to be known as Mała Świnica. Although there are no twisted mountain twists, cliffs, or exhausting, steep approaches, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun here. This route is Read More »

Free atractions in Katowice

Do you think that the region of Silesia in ugly, and there is nothing interesting to see in Katowice? Think again! Allow us to introduce you to some free attractions in Katowice that might make Read More »

Free attractions in Kolobrzeg

What can you see in Kołobrzeg for free? Here are a fewe suggestions what you can visit without spending any money. The Polish Weapons Museum In the Polish Weapons Museum you can discover wartine Read More »

Free attractions in Lodz

You don’t really have to spend a fortune to visit the most interesting places in Lodz. If you’re wondering, what free attractions in Lodz are worth seeing, you’ll be happy to discover that there Read More »

A beaver camp in Stary Sącz

Bobrowisko under Stary Sącz was created in the fork of two rivers – Dunajec and Poprad. Back in the 1950, the excavation of the aggregation began. The gravel pit was functioning for more than 40 Read More »

Free attractions in Lublin

When people think of Lublin, one of the first things that comes to mind is charming corners, mysterious streets and an atmosphere that makes you feel like home. Although the city keeps getting Read More »

Bydgoszcz – the city upon Brda

Once, there were two brothers wandering from the south towards the sea – Byd and Gost, who wanted to find a perfect place to build a settlement. Byd was searching for thick forests, to gain Read More »


Try to remind yourself of three most unbelievable associations connected with any city in Poland. Whatever you think of, it probably won’t beat the most significant attractions of the town of Read More »

Majaland in Kownaty

„This little bee, that you can see here, is called Maja, Maja is known and loved by everyone…” Do you know anyone, who was born in the 1970’s or 1980’s and doesn’t know who Maja the bee is? It Read More »

The Dęblin fortress

At the confluence of the Wieprz and Vistula rivers, you can find the remainings of fortifications built by Russia in the 19th century. The Dęblin fortress was a promising and strategically Read More »

Mushroom picking in Poland

Poland is a fascinating country with plenty of opportunities and exciting things to do. There is a special activity for every time of year. In the winter you can go skiing or hiking in the snowy Read More »

The Seal Sanctuary in Hel

The Seal Sanctuary of the Sea Station of the Oceanography Institute of the University of Gdańsk is a seal sanctuary located in Hel at Bulwar Nadmorski. The seal sanctuary consists of a complex of Read More »

Zoo in Wrocław

The Zoological Garden in Wrocław (Zoo Wrocław) is located by Wróblewskiego 1-5 street in Wrocław, established on July 10th 1865. It is the oldest Zoo in Poland. The surface of this zoo is 33 Read More »


Szydłów is a place, where time stands still. This unique town in the świętokrzyskie region maintained its medieval character thanks to the remainings of the 14th century walls and other Read More »


Korbielów is a Polish village located in the śląskie region. Between 1975 and 1998 it was part of the Bielskie region. Korbielów is located in Beskid Żywiecki, at the slopes of Pilsko, 19 Read More »

Siklawa Waterfall

Siklawa is a waterfall located in the High Tatra Mountains, at the Roztoka stream. It is the largest waterfall in Poland, which falls from the wall separating the valley of the Five Polish Ponds Read More »

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