Free attractions in Opole

Free attractions in Opole

What places should you visit in the capital of the smallest region in Poland? Let us introduce you to some free attractions in Opole. There something for people who just want to relax and for Read More »

The Kozłowska Desert

If you’re dreaming of exotic landscapes or are eager to play in a mighty sandlot, then the Kozłowska Desert is the place for you! It’s not in Africa, or any other far-away country. It is located Read More »

Free attractions in Poznań

For many years, Poznań has been one of the most eagerly visited cities in Poland. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to discover its most interesting places. Let us introduce you to some of Read More »

The Narew National Park

The Narew National Park, created on July 1st 1996, is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. The symbol of the Narew National Park is the moor buzzard. The park is located in north-east Poland, Read More »

The most beautiful waterfalls in Poland

When we wander through mountain trails, we often like to have destinations that we want to reach. The perspective of fable-like views, reaching a mountain peak or the irresistable water cascade, Read More »

Free attractions in Zakopane

Although Zakopane is known is the winter capital of Zakopane, the tourist season lasts all year long here. How can you enjoy your stay here and not go bankrupt? Here are some attractions in Read More »

The Nikifor Museum in Krynica-Zdrój

Besides Jan Kiepura, Nikifor Krynicki is one of the most recognizable people associated with Krynica-Zdrój – a health spa, where you can not only cure your body, but also delight your soul by Read More »

The Toy Museum in Kielce

Who says that Child’s Day is only for children?? Since everyone is said to have a part a the child deep inside, you should definitely cherish it! That’s one of the reason to visit the Toy and Read More »

The Slavonic Countryside Museum in Kluki

When you think of your typical seaside vacation, is all you can think of limited to having fun at the beach, sunbathing and eating waffles? Not necessarily! You can also have a decent amount of Read More »

Śnieżnik – the beautiful trail from Międzygórze

Śnieżnik is the highest peak of the Polish Eastern Sudety, and the central point of the Śnieżnik Massif. Thanks to the fact, that you can’t find any higher mountains in this area, it also owns Read More »

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