Autumn attractions in Krynica-Zdrój

Autumn attractions in Krynica-Zdrój

No matter what time of year it is, this gorgeous place in southern Poland is a perfect place for fans of nature, who are looking for peace and quiet, and like to spend their time actively. In Read More »

Most interesting underground attractions in Poland

Dungeons and basements hiding secrets from the past, legendary mines, fairytale caves and kilometers of tunnels. If you combine all of that with ghosts, hidden treasures and unsolved mysteries, Read More »

Unconventional places in Poland that surprise with a close encounter

There are several small town in Poland, that might have nothing to offer at first glance. But it is always a pleasure to discover what these inostensible places have in store for tourists. Let us Read More »

Polish places that look like from foreign countries

Did you know, that in Poland we have a place called the Polish Tuscany, or the Polish Jerusalem, or even the Polish Maledives? Do you know which city is known as the Manchester of the north? Let Read More »

The oldest cemeteries in Poland

The tradition of creating cemeteries, as a burial place, dates back to the Roman times, or perhaps even earlier. Today, for most of the Polish people, necropolises are are special places, where Read More »

Small towns associated with famous Polish people

There are many towns in Poland that may be small, but are very recognizable, because these are the places associated with famous Polish people. Here are a few towns and villages that you shoulkd Read More »

Small Polish towns with unconventional attractions

There are plenty small towns in Poland, that you might not have heard of, but have some unconventional attractions, that could easily compete with any famous attraction that can be found in Read More »

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