The Bread Museum in Radzionków

The Bread Museum in Radzionków

The Bread Museum in Radzionków was opened in 2000. It gathers old, monumental working tools of bakers and confectioners. Here you can get familiar with the history and traditions associated with Read More »


Kujawy is the land of milk and honey, or at least that’s what it used to be. It is an interesting area in terms of etnography and history, located in the area of the kujawsko-pomorskie region, Read More »

Tyniec – popular attractions, what to see

Tyniec, a popular place among tourists today, is a former village near Kraków, which was incarnate into it in 1973, and today it is the city’s integral part. Tyniec is located in the western part Read More »

The Upper Silesia Narrow-Gauge Railways

The first railway line in the Upper Silesia, with normal tracks, started running in 1846 and connected Wrocław with Mysłowice. Unfortunately, it evaded many crucial cities, and it was often Read More »

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