The ruins of the noble castle in Borysławice Zamkowe

The ruins of the noble castle in Borysławice Zamkowe

We owe the construction of hte brickmade castle in Borysławice to the person of Wojciech Jastrzębiec, the bishop of Kraków, who as a representant of the Polish side during the prognosis with the Read More »

The relicts of the knightly castle in Konary

The history of the functioning of the castle in Konary was short, but eventful, although the lack of authoritative sources doesn’t give the possibility to specify exactly the time and reasons of Read More »

The ruins of the Teutonic commanders’ castle in Brodnica

The organized Strasburg settlement-town complex was established in this area in the second half of the 13th century, after the Teutonic Knights, who were brought here by Konrad Mazowiecki, faked Read More »

The renaissance baronial castle in Baranów Sandomierski

In the place, where today stands Elegantissima – the most refined among all the castles from the historical land of Sandomierz, there was a small knightly defensive mansion in the middle ages, Read More »

The Teutonic castle in Giżycko

The first strengthenings in the area of Giżycko as we know it today were constructed by pagan people of Prussia from the Yotvingian tribe. After the surrounding lands were occupied by the Read More »

The relics of the Rogowiec princely castle in Grzmiąca

The origins of the Rogowiec castle date back probably to the last two decades of the 13th century and are associated in common opinion with Bolko I the Crude, who was the ruler of the Read More »

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