The relics of the Teutonic commanders’ castle in Kowalewo Pomorskie

The relics of the Teutonic commanders’ castle in Kowalewo Pomorskie

The first stronghold in Kowalewo was constructed by Teutonic knights, probably shortly after they received these lands from the hands of Christian, a missionary bishop from Oliwa, which happened Read More »

The knight castle in Korzkiew

According to the agreed opinion of the historians, the castle in Korzkiew was the completion of the knightly Zaklika family. Its creation dates back to the period after the year 1352. During that Read More »

The relics of the Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór

The brick-made Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór was probably constructed in the mid-14th century, from the foundation of prince Bolko II świdnicko-jaworski. However, some historians believe, that this Read More »


Chełm is a city located in eastern Poland, in the lubelskie region, 42 kilometers away from the country’s border with Belarus and 27 kilometers away from the border with Ukraine. It is situated Read More »

The ruins of the romantic Potocki castle at Lake Góreckie

The small, neo-gothic mansion on an island in the middle of a picturesque lake was founded and most likely personally designed by Tytus Działyński, the owner of the Kórnik and Konarzew castle. Read More »

The ruins of the Discalced Carmelites Monastery in Zagórz

The monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in Zagórz was founded by Jan Franciszek Stadnicki, the voivode of Wołyń and the owner of the so-called „Lesko country”. Although we don’t know the Read More »

The ruins of the Bolczów castle in Janowice Wielkie

The origins of the village of Janowice, in which the Bolczów castle is located, probably date back to the 13th century, although the first historical mention about it didn’t actually appear until Read More »

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