The palace in Śmiełów

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The palace in Śmiełów

The palace in Śmiełów, which holds the Adam Mickiewicz Museum inside is a monumental palace constructed in 1797 by Stanisław Zawadzki – one of the best architects of the classicism period, who Read More »

The Augustów Wilderness

The Augustów Wilderness is a large forest complex located in the podlaskie region, as well as in Lithuania and Belarus. The surface of the entire wilderness is approximately 160.000 hectares, out Read More »

The Silesia Park

The Silesia Park is a city park in Chorzów, which occupies the surface of 620 hectares or, according to another source of information, 520 hectares. It is one of the largest city parks in Europe. Read More »

The palace in Żyrowa

The palace is Żyrowa is a baroque-styled palace constructed between 1631 and 1644, located in the town of Żyrowa. It is one of the largest early baroque buildings in the Opolskie region. The Read More »

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