The Palace in Nieborów

The Palace in Nieborów

The Palace in Nieborów is a baroque-styled palace designed by Tylman from Gameren for the order of Michał Stefan Radziejowski. Between 1774 and 1945, it was owned by the Radziwiłł family. Between Read More »

The Mlynska Island in Bydgoszcz

The Młyńska Island is a monumental island in the Old Town area of Bydgoszcz, with the surface of approximately 6.5 hectares. The Młyńska Island is one of the most beautiful places in Bydgoszcz in Read More »


Sulejów is a town located in the łódzkei region, upon the rivers Pilica and Radońka. Sulejów was originally part of Lesser Poland, it was a settlement in the Sandomierz land. The origins of the Read More »


Ciechanowiec is a Polish town in the podlaskie region. Before 1429, it was a private town with the Magdeburg law, and it was located in the land of Drohicka in the podlaskie region. The Polish Read More »

The castle in Checiny

The castle in Chęciny is a royal castle from the late 13th and 14th century, towering over the town of Chęciny in the świętokrzyskie region. There is no certain source data about the Read More »


Przeworsk is a Polish town, located in the podkarpackie region. In 1394, it was a private, noble town, and in the 16th century, it was located in the ruskie region. The first historical mention Read More »

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