Best places for skiing in Poland

Best places for skiing in Poland

Poland is a country with plenty of attractions and activities to offer. One of the most exciting attractions that you can do here is skiing. Every year, countless fans of this sport come here to Read More »

Etnographic parks and open-air museums in Poland

Poland is a country with a long and turbulent history. Over the centuries, Poland has witnessed various events, some of which were more memorable and influential for the country’s fate than Read More »

Attractions in the Ojcow National Park

The Ojcow National Park was established in 1956. It is located in the malopolskie region, approximately 16 kilometers away from Krakow. In the 19th century, the local nature suffered great loss – Read More »

The most famous rivers in Poland

As the saying goes, „You can’t step in the same river twice”. Many rivers have flown through Poland for centuries, and as the country’s landscape and history changed, so did the rivers. Over the Read More »

Best places to take photos in Krakow

Krakow is an incredibly gorgeous city. It is the former capital of Poland, which was once the seat of Polish kings. Krakow is full of hitorical monumets and interesting attractions. It also has Read More »

Best Polish Health Resorts you should visit

Every year, many people come to Poland to discover its ancient monuments or admire the stunning nature in the mountains and national parks. In Poland, there are located numerous places which can Read More »

The most interesting fortresses and fortifications in Poland

Poland is a country with many interesting attractions. Whether you like admiring nature or exploring historical monuments, this country has something for everyone. One of the most fascinating Read More »

Castles in Poland You Can Actually Stay In

Poland is a country with countless historical monuments. A major part of these monuments are castles, which where present in our country for centuries. Over the years, these ancient constructions Read More »

Beautiful boulevards in Poland

Although each large city in Poland has something unique that makes it stand out from the others, all of the cities have several elements in common. One of such elements are boulevards, which are Read More »

Attractions in the Sowie Mountains

The Sowie Mountains is a mountain range located in the central part of Sudety, in south-west Poland. The Sowie Mountains occupy the surface of approximately 200 square kilometers and extends at Read More »

The best places for beer in Krakow

Tourists coming to Krakow look for attractions both for active day and evening activities. One of the most popular forms of spending the evening is going out for a beer or a drink at the bar. The Read More »

Things you must do while visiting Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful Polish city rich in many monuments and tourist attractions. Being here, you have to take the opportunity to visit some unique places. Try the famous Krakow obwarzanek The Read More »

Attractions in Lodzkie Region

The lodzkie region is one of the most diverse areas in Poland. It is full of valuable monuments and unique architectural manufacture. It also stands out with its unquotable cultural values. The Read More »

Attractions in Mazowieckie Region

Mazowieckie is the largest region in Poland, full of all kinds of attractions and famous for being the home of Fryderyk Chopin – the great Polish composer. The city of Warsaw, which is the Read More »

Attraction in Podkarpackie Region

The podkarpackie region is located in south-east Poland. It is one of the most of picturesque and primitive regions in the country. Its capital is the city of Rzeszow. This region has plenty of Read More »

Attractions in Kaszuby Region

Kaszuby is a land located in northern Poland, which is part of Pomorze. It is enhabited by Kashubs, who have their own regional language. The region of Kaszuby extends from the Baltic Sea to the Read More »

What to see in Tarnow and surroundings

The Galician ambience of the city of Tarnow attracts visitors from every corner of the world every year. Many people are so delighted with this city, that one visit is not enough for them. When Read More »

The most beautiful wild beaches in Poland

Without a doubt, people in Poland are incredibly proud of their Baltic Sea coast. Every year, countless tourists are attracted to the gorgeous sandy beaches, special places for relaxing marked Read More »

Attractions in Stary Sacz

Stary Sacz is a town located in the malopolskie region. The first historical mention about this town originated from 1257, when prince Boleslaw Wstydliwy gave the land of Sacz to princesds Kinga Read More »

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