Carpathian Wine Trail

Carpathian Wine Trail

This is one of the showpieces of the Carpathian Province. This trail consists of 29 vineyards from Poland and Slovakia. The Carpathian Wine Trail is like a historic trade route, the same as the Read More »

Best Hotels in Zakopane

Zakopane is an extremely popular tourist destination in Poland, especially among fans of skiing and those, who enjoy hiking in the mountains, or are searching for a good place to get some rest Read More »

Roztocze Wine Trail

Despite the fact that Roztocze Vineyard Trail is not that big, there are many attractions close to the vineyards, which tourists can visit during their stay there. The trail currently includes 5 Read More »

Sandomierski Wine Trail

Grapevines in the Sandomierz region have been successfully cultivated since the 13th century. Wine from the local regions is exported to other places in the world. However, the thing that Read More »

Interesting Places in Poland associated with John Paul II

There are many famous Polish people that are instantly recognizable by most people when they hear their names. One of the most significant and beloved of such historical figures was John Paul II Read More »

Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail

This project aims to show the amazing values of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. It shows works in the field of culture and art, protects national heritage and provides a wide group of Polish and Read More »

Thermal Baths in Zakopane and surroundings

Zakopane is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. No matter if you come here in summer or in winter, this city, which is located in the heart of Tatra Mountains, has plenty of Read More »

Less known attractions in Lowe Silesia

Lower Silesia is one of the most fascinating regions of Poland. It attracts crowds of tourists every year with its countless attractions. Most people are familiar with the most famous Read More »

Cycling Routes in Lowe Silesia

The Lower Silesia is one of the most interesting and popular regions in Poland. It offers plenty of attractions, including historical castles and monuments, mysterious caves full of fascinating Read More »

Cross Country Skiing Routes in Poland

Even though Poland is a country with beautiful sights of historical monuments and unique natural wonders, that are eyepleasing in the summer, admiring them in the winter is a completely different Read More »

The Best Cycling Routs in Malopolska (Lesser Poland)

Because of its geographic and natural diversity, Lesser Poland has been increasing in popularity among cyclists in recent years. This region is full of excellent cycling routes, each of which Read More »

Visiting Bochnia Salt Mine

The Bochnia salt mine is an inactive salt mine located in the village of Bochnia, in the malopolskie region. It is the oldest salt mine in Poland, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Read More »

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