20 best attractions in Bieszczady and its surroundings

The views in Bieszczady are simply incredible. It is definitely worth coming here both in the winter and in the summer. This is the location of the wildest mountains in Poland. This is also the crossing place of borders of three countries: Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. Let us introduce you to the most interesting attractions in Bieszczady.

The Solina Dam

It was a pleasant, relaxing walk. The water reservoir is gigantic. We were feasting our eyes on the views around us. This place is unique and different than anything we have seen so far. There are plenty of shops and restaurants around here. It’s worth coming here on a sunny day.

Bieszczady National Park
This is the fourth largest national park in Poland. This place is unbelievable. Spectacular mountains for climbing, gorgeous views at the tops and plenty of people to meet. Getting here from all the largest cities in Poland takes a lot of time, and it doesn’t have too many people, who could ruin a long walk. And the incredible mountain landscape guarantees spectacular views.

The Exhibitory European Bison Enclosure
This area is well-organized and secured. There is a free parking lot here. When you get there, you can find advertising leaflets and informational boards. It’s worth coming here in the morning, when the European Bisons are neat the pasture. They might already be relaxing on a hill at 9:00 a.m., and they will be less visible. You might need your binoculars. It’s worth coming here with your children.

The Sine Wiry Nature Reserve
After a visit to the nonexistent village of Zawój, it is possible to make a fire in pplaces prepared for it. The route is excellent for parents with children. This is an interesting and easily accessible place because of the trail, which is not realy demanding.

The Szepit Waterfall at the Hylaty stream
This is a fun stop and quite cool place, were you can relax. Here, you can find a platform, from which you can admire the waterfall. This is an atmospheric place, visited not only by tourists.

The Smerek peak
You can get to the top by following the gentle approach from the side of the Orłowicz creek, or the very steep approach from the side of Kalnica. It is a wonderful, beautiful place.

Mountain Massif – the Caryński Meadows
We chose the red trail. We were walking through the streams and admiring marvellous views. This is a perfect place for people, who like encounters with nature. The peak is easily available. You can get to the top in an hour.

The „Bieszczady” Starlight Sky Park.
From this place you can admire the incredible panorama of Bieszczady. There are spectacular views at some of the most beautiful and important peaks. You can also see the town of Lutowiska.

The Bojkowie Culture Museum in Myczków
This is an incredibly interesting place, supervised by people with a passion. You can sign your child up for a ceramics workshop. Here you can find many interesting artefacts and photos.

Solina Lake
This lake is gigantic, so you can find several peaceful places around here. In the surroundings you can find restaurants and souvenir shops. We really enjoyed this place and we would love to go there again to relax. In order to go in the water of the lake, you should wear flip flops. The rocks can be very sharp.

Of all the long walks, which are worth taking while being in Ustrzyki Górne, this one is the most popular. There are gorgeous views and plenty of places for a picnic before getting to the top. The trail was relatively easy, although in some places there are steep approaches, covered with rocks.

The ruins of the fortified Monastery of Barefooted Carmelites.
This is a wonderful place with an amazingly interesting history. You can touch the remainings of the proud history, look at the beautiful surroundings and observe the wild hawks, which build their nests in old towers. You’ll have to walk approximately 1 kilometer to get from the parking to the ruins, but it is an incredibly picturesque path. You can enjoy the wonderful nature around you and sculptures with a religious theme. The ruins themselves are much more impressive when seen live.

The Bieszczady Woodland Choo-choo
The train through the woodland Karpaty was used as a mean of transport in the 19th century, and today it transports tourists in open wagons without glass windows, through the spectacular nature of the national park. The Woodland Choo-choo is a gorgeous train ride through forests and meadows in Woodland Karpaty. Between them there is a small stop, where you can buy snacks. The journey lasted 2 hours.

The Ursa Maior Beer Factory of Bieszczady
This was a great stop shortly after leaving Ustrzyki Dolne. The beers were delicious, and we ended at buying a few of them for the rest of our journey. There is a large, glass wall here, thanks to which you can see the brewery, and the inside and outside relaxing areas are pretty, with weird furniture and art on walls. You can also buy various local food products, as well as books about Bieszczady.

Zdzisław Beksiński’s Gallery
Beksiński is the greatest painter in the history of Sanok. Words are not enough to properly describe the incredible collection of Beksiński’s art. The subjects reach to his early works – including photography and sculpting. We recommend this object to anyone interested in the late 20th centuiry art.

The orthodox church of St. Archangel Michael
This is an amazing legacy of the culture of previous generations. This is a place frozen in time. One of the very few orthodox churches preserved in such a good state. This object is part of the UNESCO program. The smell of the old temple provokes reflection on the history of Bieszczady.

The Wetlina meadow
Wonderful trails. It is an obligatory part of any trip. Here, you can admire beautiful views. This place is perfect for anyone, who enjoys encountering nature.

The Miniature Park of the Ecumenical Culture Centre
A pleasant gardenv filled with detailed models of difdferent types of churches in the region. The well-kept green area and pleasant music can truely make anyone feel relaxed. This is an excellent place for grown-ups and children.

The Countryside ZOO
This is another interesting place. It’s worth coming here with children. You’ll spend relatively little money here. The animals were happy with eating grass, so there was no need to buy additional food. The main advantage of this place are bunnies, goats and sheep.

The Polańczyk observation point
The view is slightly hidden behind the surrounding trees, but the views along the way are spectacular. This is a magnificent place for a walk or jogging. It’s quite steep here.

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