Attractions in Lodzkie Region

The lodzkie region is one of the most diverse areas in Poland. It is full of valuable monuments and unique architectural manufacture. It also stands out with its unquotable cultural values.

The city of Lodz, which is the capital of the region, is incredibly fascinating. In the late 19th century, it was expanding as one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The eventful development of Lodz was described by author and Nobel Prize winner Wladyslaw Reymont. Today, lodzkie is one of the most popular regions in Poland. This article will give you information about some of the most interesting attractions in this area.

The ZOO in Lodz

The zoological garden in Lodz is one of several objects of its type in Poland. Although it is not the largest ZOO in Poland, it is still very interesting and worth visiting.

Currently one of the most popular elements of the ZOO in Lodz is the Orientarium, which was officially opened on April 29th 2022. It is an unconventional, yearly pavilion, which attracts visitors with unique enclosures, which promote biodiversity. The Orientarium was constructed for several years, and ever since it was opened, it attracts tourists from all over Poland.

The Sieradz Etnographic Park

The Sieradz Etnographic Park was established in the 1970s from the initiative of Zofia Neymanowa as a division of the Sieradz Museum. The first object added to the Sieradz Etnographic Park was the reconstructed Weaver’s House from the 19th century, and later, the museum gained the 20th-century farm of Szczepan Mucha – a sculptor from the village of Szale.

In the Sieradz Etnographic Park you can also see a typical regional farm from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which consists of several monuments from various local villages.

The Palace in Nieborow

The Palace in Nieborow is a baroque-styled palace designed by Tylman Gamerski, located in Nieborow.

Between 1690 and 1696, Michal Stefan Radziejowski acquired Nieborow and constructed a palace. In 1697, he sold the property in Nieborow to Jerzy Towianski. Over the years, many famous people have visited the palace in Nieborow, including Stanislaw August Poniatowski, Fryderyk Wilhelm, emperor Aleksander I and many others.

The palace complex also includes a monumental park designed by Tylman Gamerski, which was reconstructed between 1949 and 1950.

ZOO Safari in Borysew

The Zoological Garden in Borysew is a uniqu place, where visitors can come face to face with wild animals from all around the world!. In the ZOO Safari in Bnorysew, tourists can meet approximately 500 animals fro, 5 continents, which represent 90 different species. Some of the most impressive attractions in the ZOO are white lions and white bengal tigers. Apart from the big cats, you can also admire white wolfs, servals, giraffes, African and Asian buffaloes, kangaroos, ostriches, and several types of monkeys.

The collegiate in Tum

The collegiate in Tum is a church constructed in the 12th century, considered one of the best examples of romanesque architecture in Poland. No one knows exactly when the construction of the romanesque temple began. It might have happened in 1149 from the initiative of Janik – the metropolitan of Gniezno.

The romanesque construction made from granite and sandstone might have been used as a shelter for local people. In 1241, the church resisted the Tatar invasion, but on Pentecost of 1293, it was conquered by the Lithuanians.

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