Będkowska Valley

While visiting the Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park, you shouldn’t overlook the
Bolechowicka Valley. This gorgeous and incredibly popular valley is located in the southern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic System, between Karniowice and Bolechowice, a dozen of kilometers away from Kraków.

Although this is one of the shortest valleys, with the length of approximately 1.5 kilometers, it opens with the most beautiful and most impressive rocky gate in the Jurassic System – the popular Bolechowicka Gate! It is made of two limestone rocks with the height of 30 meters. The western rock is known as Filar Pokutników (the Pillar of Penitents) , and the eastern rock is called
the Pillar of Abazy – both rocks are eagerly used by climbers.

Behind the rocks extends a meadow, which is excellent for tourists who want to relax, while in the further part the valley becomes narrower, creating a sinuous, forested gorge, through which leads the yellow trail of Jurassic Valleys. The hikes through the Kraków valleys are mostly accompanied by streams, and this case is no exception, because through the bottom of this valley flows the Bolechówka stream.

The waterfall in the Bolechowicka Valley
The Bolechowicka Valley is unique is the Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic System, not only because of the famous gate, but also because of the waterfall in Bolechówka, which is rare in this region. This is a two-stage waterfall, because it is made from two cascades. It might be small but it also quite picturesque.

Protection of nature in the Bolechowicka Valley
The area of the valley, which is incredibly precious in terms of nature, is protected in a form of the „Wąwóz Bolechowicki” Nature Reserve, and as the Dolinki Jurajskie Natura 2000 Area. Before the Bolechowicka gate you can find a karst source of tasty water, which is considered a monument of nature.

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