Beskid Żywiecki

Beskid Żywiecki is an amazingly interesting region, located in southern Poland, at the border of the śląskie and małopolskie regions, extending between the upper edge of the course of the river Soła in the west and Orawka and Skawa in the east.

The peaks in Beskid Żywiecki
Beskid Żywiecki is the highest mountain range, after the Tatra mountains, in the Polish part of Karpaty. The highest peak in this area is Babia Góra (1725 meters above the sea level), which along with the Babia Góra National Park created here, as well as the UNESCO biosphere reserve, guarantees unforgettable thrills for tourists. This is the only mountain in Beskidy, which can remind you of alpine peaks. It can be extremely dangerous, especially in the winter, and it can be fussy too, weather breakdowns often happen here in a very short time. This mountain isn’t known as Diablak for nothing 🙂

Another interesting peak in Beskid Żywiecki is Pilsko (1557 meters above the sea level),
the north-west slopes of which become a true paradise for enthusiasts of white craziness in the winter season. The countless lifts and ski routes will meet the expectations of even the most demanding skiers.

The entire region of Żywiecczyzna is famous for its gorgeous landscape. The haughty peaks are located close to picturesque valleys, cut through by streams. In these depressions of the terrain you can find charming small town with well-preserved, traditional folk buildings and vivid highlanders’ culture. The most popular of these towns are: Zawoja, at the bottom of which elevates Babia Góra, Korbielów with Pilsko, Rajcza, Zwardoń and Jeleśnia with the monumental Old Inn, located in the market square.

Beskid Żywiecki is also a great place for walking and cycling tourism. The marked tourist trails, including the red Main Beskidy Trail and the rich accommodation base allow tourists to get through this beautiful mountain land. Perhaps the most beautiful trail in Beskidy is the local Worek Raczański (with Wielka Racza – 1236 meters above the sea level), extending from Zwardoń to Wieka Rycerzowa (1226 meters above thye sea level). Meanwhile, the most difficult trail is
Perć Akademików, marked in yellow, with a Tatra Mountain character, which leads to the top of Babia Góra.

Skiing in Beskid Żywiecki
The most popular towns in Beskid Żywiecki, which offer good conditions and skiing infrastructure are Korbielów with the Pilsko Ski Resort, Zawoja with Mosorny Groń and Zwardoń with the Zwardoński Resort, among others. The most popular and well-developed place is of course Pilsko – the main ski centre in these surroundings.

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