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Castles in Poland You Can Actually Stay In

Poland is a country with countless historical monuments. A major part of these monuments are castles, which where present in our country for centuries. Over the years, these ancient constructions have witnessed countless historical events that shaped Poland into the country it is today. But what you might not know is that some castles are available to stay overnight in. That’s right! You can really come to the castle and sleep within its walls, surrounded by its history.

This article wil give you information about the best Polish castles to stay overnight in.

The Kliczkow castle

The Kliczkow castle, located in the Lower Silesia, is an incredible connection of modernity with an old style and elegance. The history of this castle dates all the way back to the late 13th century, when the Swidnica-Jawor land was ruled by Bolko I Surowy. The oldest document mentioning the castle originated from 1297 and most likely refers to a partially wooden watchtower, which didn’t have significant resdiential value at that time.

The hotel in the Kliczkow castle offers 219 accommodation places in 89 chambers. Guests can book a stay in castle apartments, each of which has a comfortable bedroom and a spacious living room.

The castle in Moszna

The castle in Moszna is a monumental residence located in the opolskie region, between the towns of Prudnik and Krapkowice. Between 1866 and 1945, it was the residence of the Silesian Tiele-Winckler family. The construction was created in the mid-18th century as a baroque palace. It gained its current form after the year 1896, when the palace was partially burned.

Nowadays, the castle in Moszna is a very interesting monument, available not only for sightseeing but also staying overnight. Guests can book a night in accommodation places of various standards, such as a 2-person deluxe room with an elevated standard and a bathroom, a 2-person standard room with a bathroom and a classic apartment. The price of the stay in any room includes breakfasr.

The Czocha castle

Th Czocha castle is a defensive castle located in the village of Sucha, upon the Lesnianski Lagoon.

It was created as a border stronghold at the border between Silesia and Luzyce between 1241 and 1247 from the order of king Waclaw I Przemyslida of Czech. In 1319, it was included within the Jawor duchy ruled by Henryk I Jaworski. After World War II, the castle went through various events. It was robbed from furniture and equipemnt by Soviets, as well as local looters.

The Czocha castle offers three standards of rooms, where tourists can relax after a thrilling day. The rooms are adapted for both individual guests and organized groups. The castle even offers 9 special, theme-based rooms. Which will satisfu even the most demanding guests.

The castle in Lancut

The castle in Lancut is a former magnate residence located in the village of Lancut, in the podkarpackie region.

The original residence in a form of a defensive tower was most likely constructed by the Pilecki family in the second half of the 16th century, Around the year 1610, it was expanded by the Stadnicki family. During World War II, the Potocki family, who owned the castle, was not persecuted by Germans, and the castle didn’t suffer any damage.

Currently, the castle is the location of a hotel, which offers comfortable rooms for 1, 2, or 3 persons. Each of the standards of rooms offer comfortable beds, access to Wi-Fi, a bathroom and openable windows, There are also luxurious apartments.

The castle in Krasiczyn

The castle in Krasiczyn was constructed in renaissance-manneristic style, most likely in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, in the village of Krasiczyn

In the third quarter of the 16th century, Jakub Krasicki constructed a wooden-brick fortress, which included a brick-made gate, earth embankments and moats. Between 1598 and 1633, the castle was expanded by the order of Marcin Krasicki, who transformed it into a manneristic residential and defensive headquarters.

Currently, the castle in Krasiczyn has a hotel, which offers 96 accommodation places in rooms for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Guests can also book a night in the so-called Hunting Pavilion, which can hold up to 5 persons in three bedrooms, and the Swiss Pavilion – a wooden building from the 17th century.

The Ksiaz castle

Ksiaz is a castle complex located in the town of Walbrzych, in the Ksiaz district.

The oldest document directly associated with the Ksiaz castle originated from 1337. In the past, the rulers used to lease various castles and properties to knightly families. The castle was mentioned as Furstenberg in 1355, along with an information about Bolko I defeating his rebelious vassals.

Currently, the castle has a hotel, which is a great place to spend a vacation in a unique castle scenery. It is charmingly situated in the outer bailey of the majestic Ksiaz castle and offers accommodation in rooms for 1, 2 or 3 persons, as well as suites and apartments with spatious and luxurious bathroms.

The castle in Ryn

The castle in Ryn is one of the objects constructed for the needs of Teutonic Knights. Its construction began in the place of an earlier small stronghold around the year 1377. The construction works were interrupted shortly after completing the first building ar the south-east, but they were resumed around the year 1393.

Currently, the castle in Ryn is the location of a luxurious hotel with a unique accommodation base, which has 350 places integrated in four wings of the castle – the Knightly Wing, the Commander’s Wing, the Prison Wing and the Hunting Wing. The hotel is alos adapted for families with children, offering spatious apartments and studio rooms.

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