Cycling Routes in Lowe Silesia

The Lower Silesia is one of the most interesting and popular regions in Poland. It offers plenty of attractions, including historical castles and monuments, mysterious caves full of fascinating secrets and stunning landscapes in places like the Stolowe Mountains, Karkonosze and the Klodzko Land. This region is also an excellent place for organizing cycling trips. The Lower Silesia has lots of cycling routes with various difficulty levels and plenty of fascinating attractions to see along the way. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cyclist you are guaranteed to find the perfect route for you. This article will give you information about the best cycling routes in the Lower Silesia.

Around Polkowice

The cycling route around Polkowice is a surprisingly pleasant, off-road loop marked with blue signs. In the past, this was the area of intensive mining, and the cyclists are reminded of this fact with the presence od mine shafts in the landscape. Even though this route leads mostly through lowlands, the riding conditions are quite prone to change.

This route begins at the Poviat Starosty in Tarnowek. You ride mostly through forests, in close proximity to nature. Along the way you will pass by the Palace in Sucha Gorna and the Castle in Jedrzychow. Later, you will ride along the road S3 and pass by the Tarnowek Palace and the 19th-century Romantic Park between the villages of Guzice and Trzebcz. The route ends in the Old Town area of Polkowice.

Cycling through Twardogora

This route is a loop with the length of 23 kilometers, which mostly leads through forests to the east from Twardogora. This is the best direction to begin this trip.

The town of Twardogora is located among the picturesque hills and forests. Its history dates all the way back to the 13th century. It’s definitely worth spending some time on riding through the centre to get familiar with the baroque urban layout.

This route begins at the Twardogora railway station, and later goes through the nearby park and palace complex, after that you will ride through a nature reserve with the impressive Blizniak and Henryk oak trees.

Cycling through Dobroszyce

This is a loop with the length of 40 kilometers, which leads through the slightly diverse terrain in terms of heights. It runs mostly through forests along comfortable asphalt roads, although there is one fragment behind Biale Blota, that is slightly overgrown with forests.
This route begins at the Dobroszyce railway station and passes by the local school and education centre, and later by the castle in Dobroszyce. Along the way, you will also pass by the Pond in Biale Bloto, which is an excellent place to take a longer stop and admire the local views.

The Bielik Loop

The Bielik Loop is a route dedicated to more experienced cyclists. Although it is not very challenging, it has several fragments that lead through forest paths and bumpy dirt roads. There will also be a fragment through an asphalt road with moderate traffic. But despite the demanding conditions, the route also has plenty of diverse attractions.

It begins by a shed in Katy Wroclawskie, and passes by the church under the calling of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. It also passes by the Krobielowice Palace, the Adoria Vineyard and several observation points.

Around Szczelince

Around Szczelince is a light loop with a large number of approaches. It leads through forests and numerous fields.There are two versions of this route.

The first version begins in the heart of the Stolowe Mountains National Park and goes around Szczelinec Maly and Szczeliniec Wielki. Along the way it passes by the famous Pasterka mountain shelter, and later continues through the Road of 100 Turns.

The second version is definitely shorter. It leads through a relatively wide-open forest area and luxurious gravel roads. The real attraction (Biale Skaly) is located 200 meters away from the trail, but you can modify your route if you want to see them.

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