Legends from Polish castles that you probably never heard of

Mysterious tunnels, spooky dogs scaring the tourists and ghosts of lovers… Legends from Polish castles can be really disturbing. Here are some legends associated with Polish castles that will definitely shock you!

The legend of the aviators
The castle in Wiśnicz in the małopolskie region is associated with the legenda of the aviators. The fortress was created by the hands of the Turkish and Tatar prisoners, who were captured during the battle of Chocim and forced to work. They were upset with their fate and decided to escape.

The prisoners constructed wings, and in order to fly far away, they decided to take off from the top of the castle mountain. But they didn’t succeed. Today in the place, where they landed, you can admire commemorative columns.

The legend of the Oporów Castle
What a story! According to legend, the castle in Oporów in the łódzkie region and the Pauline monastery were supposed to be connected by an underground passage. It was useful for lovers: the prior of the monastery and the castellan of Oporów. Unfortunately, the meetings of the couple ended in their death, because the passage collapsed and burried them. Today you can still hear the screams of the trapped lovers, coming from behind the castle chapel.

The legend of the Bernandine nuns
The castle in Drzewica is associated with a very interesting legends of the Bernardine nuns. During a starlit night you can see an entire procession of nuns walking around the remainings This procession is a punishment for starting a fire in a castle. According to legend, the nuns didn’t put al the candles out after the finished installments and caused the castle to be destroyed by the fire.

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