Light Gardens in Poland

In recent times, light gardens have become a very popular way of spending free time. They allow visitors to go to enchanting illuminated fairytale lands, where they can feel like kids again while admiring beautiful exhibits, which are delightful thanks to not only light, but also sound.

The dark night becomes more pleasant thanks to the colorful lights, and you can keep yourself warm by drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine. The first light gardens in Poland were already created several years ago, but it wasn’t until 2021, that they really became popular.

The Royal Light Garden in Wilanow

The Royal Light Garden in the Wilanow district of Warsaw might be one of the oldest light gardens in Poland, but it surprises visitors every year with its new look. It is a wonderful spectacle, which will delight you not only with gorgeous illuminations, but also with classical music playing in the background. The combination of these two elements creates a truely unique experience. On weekends, this place also organizes mappings. That’s when the views are even more incredible, although the tickets are more expensive.

The Park of a Million Lights in Zabrze

The Park of a Million Lights in Zabrze was created at 10 Srebrna street. Like many other light gardens, this place will make anyone feel like a little kid again. It is so gorgeous that you won’t believe it until you see it. Although most of the attractions arededicated for children, there is also a more romantic part for grown-ups – the Lovers’ Alley. The park also has many other attractions, such as a sleigh with bears and a gorgeous peacock shimmering like a rainbow.

There is no time limit for visiting the Park of a Million Lights, although you’ll need at least 60 minutes to visit all of its attractions.

Lumina Park Wroclaw

Lumina Park Wroclaw at the Topacz castle was created in 2020, but in 2021 it was significantly expanded! The entire object makes a huge impression, and although you might think that you see everything when you stand by the entrance to the castle, you would be mistaken. In this light garden you can go on an enchanting trip around the world and visit some beautiful distant places. Th park looks especially beautifl when it get covered with snow and becomes a true winter wonderland.

The interesting thing is that you can visit Lumina Park with your dog.

The Light Fortresss at the Ogrodzieniec castle

In 2021, a unique light garden was created in the famous Ogrodzieniec castle. Here you won’t find illuminated trees or gardens. Instead, you’ll have a chance to get familiar with characters from the history and legends of this castle. Visitors can enter the area through a shining gate and go next to a dashing illuminated carriage with horses. They will also pass the enormous legendary black dog on a chain, which impersonates the evil Lord Warszycki. On weekends the Light Fortress organizes spectacular shows known as the Fire Theatre. The dancinf flames with a giant stronghold in the background is a thrilling experience that you cannot miss.

The Krakow Light Garden

The Krakow Light Garden is located in the Experiment Garden of Stanislaw Lem at Aleja Pokoju 68 in Krakow. It is possibly the greatestlight show in the entire country.

Every year, the Krakow Light Garden presents lighting installations associated with a differen fairytale. All the elements of the garden are created with great attention to detail, and the installations are in perfect harmony with the sounds and the music you can hear in this place. You can be absolutely sure that this delightful place will stay in your memory for a very long time.

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