Manufaktura in Lodz

While visiting Łódź, it’s practically impossible to resist a visit to Manufaktura. That’s because Manufaktura isn’t just an ordinary shopping centre. It is a gigantic trading-service-entertainment surface, which is perfect for shopping enthusiasts as well as for people of any age, who are looking for good entertainment.

After 5 years of developing the design and nearly 4 years of renovating, the object was opened on May 17th 2006. It is located between Zachodnia, Ogrodowa, Drewnowska and Karskiego streets, at the area of the former factory complex of Izrael Poznański. The architecture of Manufaktura, which is a harmonious combination of history and modernity, was designed by the Virgile&Stonw company from London, which was cooperating from an architecture office from Lyon –
Sud Architectes. Manufaktura is created by 13 revitalized, post-industrial buildings, which excellently show the character and atmosphere of industrial Łódź thanks to their architecture.

The originator of the creation of Manufaktura in Łódź was Cyprian Kosiński, a businessman living in Switzerland, whose origins were associated with Łódź. Kosiński could be proud of a number of business contacts and connections with wealthy investors. He brought his funds to Łódź (approximaely 270 million EUR) from the Rotschild group and began the cconstruction of Manufaktura.
The centre was constructed at the area of the former craft factories, such as weaving mills and spinning mills.

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