Medical treatment in Poland

Polish medical tourism found itself in the group of 15 divisions standing out with the greatest potential. The Ministry of Economy decided to give financial support to its development as pat of a project called „Promotion of Polish economy on the internarional market”. When you look at the statistics, it’s quite easy to understand this decision: in 2011 there were approximately 320 000 patients coming for treatment to Polish clinics from abroad – that’s the data given by Polskie Stowarzyszenie Turystyki Medycznej (PSTM; the Polish Association of Medical Tourism).

After the breakdown caused by the economic crisis, the number of patients decreased by 24% andin 2010 it was 250 000, but the following year, according to the calculations of PSTM, our country hosted treatment for 270-300 thousands of foreigners, who spent approximately 800 million PLN for treatments. These are careful estimations – according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, there were 320 000 patients coming from abroad for treatment to Poland in 2011.

Why are medical tourists coming to Poland?
Poland is one of the most frequently visited countries in Europe among foreign patients. The main reason for that is a much lower price of medical services – compared to Great Britain or Germany, Polish clinics offer treatments that are 50%, or even 80% cheaper, which can be easily checked by comparing the costs of by-pass operations, implantations and breast augmentation. According to the data of the Association of Medical Tourism, by-pass operations in USA cost 145 000 dollars, while in Poland their cost is 14 000 dollars (more than 90% cheaper). In Great Britain, dental implantations cost 4.2 thousand dollars, but in Poland you’ll only have to pay 780 dollars (data of According to the AllMedicalTourism website, Poland is the most profitable country to go to for British people – they will ssave more money than if they would choose a clinic in Hungary, where implantations are approximately 79% cheaper. The prices of plastic operations of the breast are equally diverse: in USA you have to pay 10.000 dollars, and in Poland – 3.3 thousand dollars, which is more tham 60% cheaper.

As you can see, when you choose a treatment done by a Polish specialist, you can save lots of money. Foreigners are also attracted by excellent quality of treatments offered by Polish clinics. It especially tempts wealthy patients from the east, including people from Russia and Ukraine, who often cannot count on an equally good level of medical service in their home country. The difference in quality of the services is also clearly exemplified in dental treatment – British patients complain not only about high prices of services of native dentists, but also about the preferations for removing the sick toothinstead of curing it. Meanwhile, Polish dentists are trying their best to rescue the tooth at all cost, extraxction is finality. The professionalism od our specialists (not only dentists) is another advantage, which we can be proud of. Implantologists, plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, oculists and representants of many other divisions of medicine are a brilliantly educated crew. More and more often they are graduates of prestigious western universities, who go to training to the best clinics in the world. They use innovative methods of medication, during the treatments they use technologically advanced medical equipment – the same that can be found in renowned western clinics.

That’s not all the reasons why people from abroad are interested in ourt country. These also include the short time of waiting for treatment, lack of queues, and comprehensive care of the staff, who often help foreign patients in organizing arrival – including the purchase of tickets, pick off from the airport and booking accommodation in a hotel. The advantages of medication in Poland also include easy access – according to information from the Medical For You website, an increasing number of airlines begin to notice the large potential of medical tourism and prepare beneficial offers of cheap airlines for migrating patients.

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