Most beautiful places to see in Poland during autumn

When the summer comes to an end, many people often finish their travelling season. But the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler weather don’t mean that it’s not worth planning a trip anymore. In fact, autumn might be an even better time to do so, because most places are not so crowded as in the summer, and the prices are also often much lower. This article will give you informationabout the most beautiful places to see in Poland during autumn and what you can do there.


The Pieniny moutain range are gorgeous at any time of year, but in the autumn they look especially impressive. The colors of white limestone rocks and the changing leaves combined with the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet create a delightful experience.

Dunajec River Rafting in Pieniny
Pieniny Mountains

Some of the greatest attraction in Pieniny include:

  • Droga Pieninska (The Pieniny Road) – a perfect route for walking and cycling trips, which runs from Szczawnica to the Red Monastery. Along the way you can see local rocks, including the famous Sokolica.
  • The Homole Ravine – a deep canion with very steep walls, ehich can be up to 120 meters high. It is considered one of the most gorgeous gorges in Poland.
  • Dunajec Rafting – believe it or not, aurumn might be the best time for rafting on the Dunajec river. You can admire the gorgeous views of Pieniny, including Trzy Korony and Sokolica. Plus, there are no big crowds around here in the autumn. Want to try rafting on dunajec river check our offer here – Dunajec River Rafting Tour from Krakow

The Ojcow National Park

The Ojcow National Park might be the smallest national park in Poland, but it is also one of the most attractive ones. Every year in late October, the park’s attractiveness increases thanks to the spectacular colors of the trees.

This is one of the most wonderful places to treat yourself to the gorgeous autumn ambience. You should also remember to take your camera with you to take photos of the marvellous sights you can see here, especially the Ojcow castle, the Lokietek Cave, the Krakow Gate and the Hercules Club.


Most people can agree that Karkonosze, as well as the Izerskie Mountains look especially beautiful in the autumn. It is the perfect time for hiking in the mountains, because that’s when the qweather is the most stable. And when the leaves change their colors, they create a truely unique and spectacular sight. The forests with a full pallet of colors look really impressive.

Among the gorgeous places in Karkonosze you should especially see Sniezka – the highest peak in this mountain range, the breathtaking waterfalls and the fantastic pobservation points, especially the Zloty Widok point and the area around the Wang Temple in Karpacz.


If anyone ever visited Bieszczady in the autumn, they can surely admit, that no other place is Poland has a beautiful forests as here. And even though the occasionally rainy weather mgiht make the place a bit slippery and muddy, this is still an excellent place for an autumn trip thanks to the quiet and peaceful ambience and the colorful trees.

During the summer season, the trails are crowded with tourists. But thankfully, there are some corners are not so commercialized, and the beauty of the meadows and beech forests is absolutely breathtaking.

Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny might not be as popular as other cities in Poland, but it still has several interesting things to see. And when autumn comes and the trees change their colors, this town becomes even more stunning.

If you love the views of the beautiful golden Polish autumn, you should definitely climb the the Three Crosses Mountain. Here you can admire the landscapes which look almost like from a bird’s eye view. The panorama of the town look like out of this world. Another excellent idea is admiring old buildings, such as a bastion and the castle ruins.

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