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Nighttime events in Krakow

Krakow is the former capital of Poland. It is a beautiful city with a long and eventful history, which is now commemorated in countless monuments. This city also organize countless interesting events, which attract crowds of people, not only from Krakow, but also from all around Poland. While many people know about the city’s major events tha happen during the day, they might not know, that there are also plenty of nighttime events, which can be equally interesting, if not even more.

This article will give you information about some of the most interesting nighttime events in Krakow.

The Museum Night

Every year in May, more than 50 museums in Krakow invitte people from Krakow and tourists to get familiar with their rich and diverse collections and take part in various interesting events.

The purpose of the Museum Night in Krakow is to promote the diverse collections of local museums and galleries. The program of each edition offers permanent and time-limited exhibits in museums and places that are usually not available for visitors. The 2022 edition of the Museum Night also features special presentations and movie screenings in Ukrainian.

Studio Cinema Night

Every April, studio cinemas in Krakow invite viewers for special movie screenings and other interesting attractions. Some of the cinemas organize theme-based movie marathons. During the last edition, there were several interesting events. For example, the „Pod Baranami” Cinema organized screenings of Wes Anderson’s movies, in the Kijow cinema there was the Oscar Night, and the Paradox cinema offered an introduction to the movies by Joachim Trier – a Norwegian director and screenwriter.

The Theatre Night

The Theatre Night takes place in Krakow since 2007. During this event, participants can see the most interesting theatre shows and also meet the actors and other people associated with theatres. All of the institutions taking part in the Theatre Night have prepared an interesting offer.

The Bagatela Theatre invited spectators to see „Henryk Sienkiewicz. Greatest Hits” directed by Krzysztof Materna, as well as a recital by Kamila Klimczak”. Meanwhile, the „Groteska” theatre invited children for fairytale shows such as „Kot w Butach”.

The Cracovia Sacra Night

The Cracovia Sacra Night is organized in Krakow since 2008. This event is a special opportunity to introduce people to the unique sacral heritage of Krakow and its surroundings. The program of each edition is very rich and diverse. During the Cracovia Sacra Night, participants can visit several monasteries and churches from Krakow and its surroundings. They can also discover religious monuments and works of art that are usually not available for everyone, and even see countless exhibits and concerts with a religious theme.

The Scientist Night

For many years, the Scientis Night has been one of the most popular events in the malopolskie region, and for good reason. It’s difficult to find a better opportunity to see what scientists exactly do on a daily basis. The Scientist Night is the only time of year, when researchers and other people associated with science are available for everyone to show their talents and answer all the questions, even the strangest ones, without any exceptions. Ever since the first edition was organized in 2007, the Scientist Nighthas become one of the most popular events in Poland.

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