Przeworsk is a Polish town, located in the podkarpackie region.

In 1394, it was a private, noble town, and in the 16th century, it was located in the ruskie region.

The first historical mention of Przeworsk originated from 1281. In 1393, the town was located at the intersection of important trade routes, in the place of a former russian settlement. Thanks to numerous privileges, in 1470 Przeworsk became the second municipal center of the Przemyśl land and noble land courts were organized here. For many years, the town fulfilled the function of a crucial center of economic life, which mostly included craft and trade.

The oldest traces of settlement in the Przeworsk land date back to the younger stone age, 4500 B.C.

From this period originated flint and stone hatchets, knives and earthenware, which were found in the surroundings of the town as we know it today.

In the beginning of the middle ages, a communication route was running through the town, which connected the town centers in the east and in the west. Around the 7th century A.D., a settlement existed within the borders of the town, and in the late 10th and early 11th century, a defensive castle was established. The local people were associated with with western Slavic tribes, and later, they went under the reign of the Russian princes. At that time, Przeworsk gained the status of a town for the first time on the Ruthenian law. The first historical mention of Przeworsk is associated with the victory of Leszek Czarny over the the army of prince Leo of Russia.

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