The Bread Museum in Radzionków

The Bread Museum in Radzionków was opened in 2000. It gathers old, monumental working tools of bakers and confectioners. Here you can get familiar with the history and traditions associated with bread, with respect to bread and with machines and tools used to its production. The collection inlcudes several thousands of artefacts, such as machines and devices, postcards, photos, pictures, graphics, publications and books. Here, you can also see many artefacts associated with everyday life in the past, as well as a reconstructed classroom with old desks, small blackboards, ABC books, knapsacks and uniforms. The program of the organized tour includes the showing of a film entitled „Bread”, preparing and baking your own buns, a lecture about the history, culture and traditions associated with bread and a lesson in a former classroom.

The creator of the Bread Museum – Piotr Mankiewicz, can be considered one of the greatest passionates of collecting. It all began from innocent collecting and purchasing artefacts on flea markets, but when his collection began to occupy more and more surface, he thought of creating a museum. It found its place in Radzionków. In 2000, the Bread Museum was officially opened consecrated in the presence of the town government and the provincial authorities. The aim of the museum’s creator was to make a place for bakers and confectioners to gather old, monumental working tools. But instead, the Bread Museum became an educational place, mostly available for children and young people.

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