The castle chapel in Racibórz

The castle chapel in Racibórz is a pearl of Siliesian gothic, sometimes caled the Saint-Chapelle of Silesia. That’s because its construction was modeled after this French Chapel. It was created between 1288 and 1293 in the times of the Piast prince Przemysł, and St. Tomasz Becket from Canterbury – an English martyr – was chosen as its patron.

The chapel in the castle of Racibórz commemorates the famous dispute of prince Henryk Probus of Wrocław with bishop Tomasz II, who wanted to take refuge in the Racibórz castle, which was besieged by the princely army. Soon afterwards, the prince and the bishop came to an agreement, and the castle chapel became a collegiate church and a headquarters for canons.

Although the castle chapel survived World War II quite well, after that period it became neglected. It wasn’t until the 21st century that works began on bringing the Piast castle back to its former glory, along with the chapel. At the beginning, it was beautifully renovated from the outside, and now its inside shines with its former beauty as well. In June of 2016 it was consecrated and and is now available for tourists along with the castle interior.

Once, the chapel had two floors, and you could go inside it from the side of today’s Princely House. Even the remainings of the former princely osier have survived. Today, from the side of the castle you can get to the choir, and the main entrance to the temple goes from the castle courtyard. Inside the chapel there are restored, original church benches, as well as the historical stairs.

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