The „Elektrownia” Modern Art Gallery

In just a few first years of activity, the „Elektrownia” Modern Art Gallery gained plenty of appreciation from the artistic background, and became a valuable place at the cultural map of the region. At the same time, its popularity at the map of the Trail of Technological Monuments is growing. This is the place, where the inauguration of „Industriada 2016” took place. Thanks to the cooperation with The Academies of Fine Art in Kraków and Katowice, as well as the Institute of Art of the Silesian University, the Association of the Polish Plastic Artists and many other cultural institutions, the gallery keeps expanding its cultural activity and enriching its offer.

The building of the power station was constructed between 1902 and 1908, based on a design of an outstanding Polish architect – Józef Pius Dziekoński (1844-1927), who was the author of the designs of countless monumental buildings of public use in Europe. A characteristic element of the construction is a gothic-styled tower with shooting holes. The elevation of the building consists of brick walls in aframe division with axes, cornices and architectural details made of bricks. The building delights tourists with original machines of the former power station, which are preserved inside in excellent conditions. One of the most impressive things around hereis the „Wanda” generator, which used to fulfill the function of an energy cell with a steam engine, which was produced in 1903.

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