The Holy Trinity church in Rachowice

The Holy Trinity church in Rachowice is a monumental catholic church, located in the village of Rachowice, in the Gliwice County, in the śląskie region.

The church is located at the Trail of Wooden Architecture in the śląskie region.

The village of Rachowice was already mentioned back in 1305. The church under the calling of the Holy Trinity was most likely already existing there at that time. The parish church in Rachowice was mentioned in a list written in 1447. The presbytery made of brick was constructed in the late 15th and early 16th century. The current, wooden nave of the church was built around 1668. A bit later, between 1679 and 1688, a bell tower was added to the nave at the western side. In 1705, the bell tower was destroyed in a fire. The tower was reconstructed between 1780 and 1790.

The gothic presbytery (15th/16th century) is made from brick, narrower, separated with a rainbow arch with a semisecular pattern. In the presbytery and sacristy there are barrel vaults with lunettes, in the nave and the porch you can find a flat ceiling.

The furniture inside the church is mostly baroque-styled. The main, baroque-styled altar from before 1679 has a painting of the Holy Trinity, which most likely originated from the 17th century. Behind the altar there is a 19th century annotation of the ffire of 1705. The sideway altars originated from the 18th century. In the right altar you can see an image of Pieta (18th century), and in the lift altar you can see an image of St. Antoni from Padwa.

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