The knight castle in Korzkiew

According to the agreed opinion of the historians, the castle in Korzkiew was the completion of the knightly Zaklika family. Its creation dates back to the period after the year 1352. During that year, after the construction disaster of the castle in Wielka Wieś, judge Jan de Syrokomlya acquired the undeveloped land, which was earlier owned by the brothers Jaczko and Steyus from Przybysławice. The existence of the brick-made headquarters is proven by a document written in the 14th century: In 1388, Mathias burgrabius de Corzkiew was mentioned, and in the court notes from 1400, you can find a mention of Johani vicario de subcastro Korzkwa.

Podsędek Zaklika died in april of 1420, leaving several sons behind, including Mikołaj, who was mentioned in court notes as the owner of the goods in 1422. Meanwhile, the Syrokomlów family began to call themselves Korzkiewski, while their headquarters was strengthened with a gate complex and bastions, which were protruding beyond the walls. After Mikołaj, the next owner of the castle was Stanisław, the inheritor of Grębynice, Wielka Wieś and Maszyca. He was the last male representant of the family, who lived to his old age and passed away in 1482. Four years later his daughter Barbara sold Korzkiew along with the subject properties to Stefan Świętopełek Bolestraszycki from Irządze.

Later, the castle, along with the subject ponds, forest and other properties, became the ownership of Piotr Krupek, who died in 1538, leaving his son Piotr and daughter Barbara with an equally divided wealth.

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