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The Mlynska Island in Bydgoszcz

The Młyńska Island is a monumental island in the Old Town area of Bydgoszcz, with the surface of approximately 6.5 hectares.

The Młyńska Island is one of the most beautiful places in Bydgoszcz in terms of landscape, because of the numerous wharfs, cascades of the Międzywodzie channel and the so-called „Wenecja Bydgoska” (Venice of Bydgoszcz). It is located in the Old Town area and is considered a symbol of the strict symbiosis of the city of Bydgoszcz with rivers and channels.

In the central part of the island tourists can find: a recreational meadow, an amphitheater and a playground for children.

Meanwhile, the north-west part of the Młyńska Island is occupied by a cuaseway, which separates Młynówka from the river Brda.

In terms of history, the island consists of three parts:

– the northern part, which was defunct after the construction of the Bydgoszcz channel between 1772 and 1774,

– the western part – the main, central part of the current island

– the eastern (mint) part – at which since 1594 there was one of the most important mints in Poland. The local coins were quite famous in Europe, in 1621 some of the most ipmressive coins in the history of numismatics were created here.

For several centuries, the island was the royal kingdom – these were the origins of the Old Polish name – „Wyspa Królewska” (Royal Island).

The development of the Młyńska Island began in the middle ages from the eastern side. In order to use the river Brda for economic and defensive purposes, in the late 14th century the water system at the area, which was adjacent to the Old Town of Bydgoszcz was transformed.

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