The relics of the Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór

The brick-made Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór was probably constructed in the mid-14th century, from the foundation of prince Bolko II świdnicko-jaworski. However, some historians believe, that this ruler violently took it away from the hands of an unknown owner, perhaps tfrom the knight robbers. At that time, the castle was known as Liebenau, or Castrum Schwarzwaldau. In 1364, the prince gifted the stronghold to five brothers: Ulrich, Heinrich, Hans, Freidrich and Albrecht von Hackeborn. In the second half of the 14th century, the wealth was owned by Nickel Bolze, and later by Puta Czastelovic, who sold it in 1369 to Hermann von Czettritz, the steward of princess Agnieszka. After the tragic death of Hermann in the battlefield, the castle was inherited by Urlich von Czettritz. In the first half of the 15th century, the stronghold fell into the hands of the Hussites. The purpose of the castle as the headquarters of the enemy’s camp became the reason of its destruction by the army of Silesian townspeople in 1437, during the religious wars in this area. The castle was reconstructed, but it didn’t recover from the following devastation, which happened in 1509. In the late 16th and early 17th centuries Georg von Czettritz constructed a renaissance mansion in close proximity of the castle, which was later transformed into a baroque-styled palace.

The castle was constructed in the wet areas in the vallley of the Lesk stream. It was probably a regular assupmtion of the castle type with buildings by the western and northern wall as well as a cylindrical tower.

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