The relics of the Rogowiec princely castle in Grzmiąca

The origins of the Rogowiec castle date back probably to the last two decades of the 13th century and are associated in common opinion with Bolko I the Crude, who was the ruler of the

Świdnica-Jawor duchy. The defensive construction, which was located high in the mountains, on a hard-to-reach rock, was supposed to strengthen his power on the poorly populated mountain areas. Along with the Grodno and Nowy Dwór strongholds it also created a network of strengthenings along the southern border of the duchy.

In the early 14th century the stronghold was most likely occupied by knight-highwaymen.

However, in 1353 it was already owned by the prince, because that year, during a meeting of monarchs in Vienna, Bolko II the Small, passed it down to his niece, Anna Świdnicka, who was married to king Karol IV of Czech. The castle was run in her name by the princely courtiers, including the former chamerlain of the Świdnica mansion, Nicolaus de Bolcze, who came from the family of owners of the Bolczów castle in Rudawy Janowickie.

The castle was made of broken, raw stone, on a rocky elevation with the height of 870 meters above the sea level. The oldest part of the building is a high castle, located at the top of the hill, with a plan close to a triangle, with dimensions of 20×30 meters, in the western corner of which stands a cylindrical tower of the final defense, the so-called bergfried. In the 14th century, a new house with the dimensions of 7×15 meters was constructed in the place of an older one, with a basement carved in rock.

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