The relicts of the knightly castle in Konary

The history of the functioning of the castle in Konary was short, but eventful, although the lack of authoritative sources doesn’t give the possibility to specify exactly the time and reasons of its fall. It was most likely constructed by Goworek or Sięgniew Słupecki from the Rawa family, perhaps way back in the first half of the 14th century, as a knightly headquarters of the wealth of the Słupecki family, who fulfilled noble public functions in medieval Poland, in the times of king Kazimierz the Great. After the death of Sięgniew,. Konary went into the hands of his son Grot. At this point, the story is coming to an end, because according to the chronicles of Jan Długosz, in 1403 Grot went into conflict with castellan Jan Ossoliński which resulted in the tragic death of the other one. The murder was supposed to cause the intervention of king Władysław Jagiełło, who exiled Grot. Meanwhile, the castle itself was supposed to be razed to the ground, in order to warn anyone who would break the rules and resist.

However, the authenticity of this story causes lots of doubts among historians. There is no certainty, that this type of criminal expedition, or that the Słupecki castlewas demolished as a result of the siege. Even in this case, the fact that the stronghold was reconstructed and used for several more centuries, should only be treated as one of the hypotheses. In the following years, the wealth of Konary was owned by many families, including the Sołtyk, Kochanowski and Krasiński famlies, among others.

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