The ruins of the noble castle in Borysławice Zamkowe

We owe the construction of hte brickmade castle in Borysławice to the person of Wojciech Jastrzębiec, the bishop of Kraków, who as a representant of the Polish side during the prognosis with the Teutonic Oirder made lots of serious mistakes, for which in 1420 he was charged with ostracism from both the Polish nobility and the king. This event most likely quickened his decision to construct his own fortification, where, in case of an emergency, he could hide relatively safely from his political enemies. The works on constructing the stronghold might have began back in the 1420s. There is a document from 1426, which mentions a castle chapel, suggesting that the construction works were coming to an end. By that time, the object might have already benn enhabited. During his 40-year carrier, the enormouds income of Jastrzębiec allowed him to create financial empire, which was extremely powerful for those times.

The first 200 years of the functioning of the castle is a period of relative peace, during which evolutional transformations of its form took place. Since the 16th century, Borysławice was owned by the Russocki family, and later by the Gębicki family (from this family came two chancellors and three bishops, including the infamous secretary of Zygmunt III, Wawrzyniec Gębicki) and the Szczawiński/Prawdzic family, who were the owners of Besiekiery. Jakub Szczawiński, the voivode of brzesko and kujawy was raised inside the castle walls.

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