The „Ujście Warty” National Park

The „Ujście Warty” National Park is one of the newest national parks in Poland, it was created in 2001. However, back in 1977, these areas, which were a precious mainstay of water and mud birds in Poland, as well as one of the most crucial wet areas in Europe, was already protected by the Ramsar International Convention. The picturesque landscape of the park mostly consists of meadow habitats, cut through by a thick network of channels and oxbow lakes, as well as willow scrubs. Through the middle of the park flows the meandering river Warta – the third longest river in Poland.

As the name itself suggests, the „Ujście Warty” National Park was established in close proximity to the estuary of Warta to Odra, in the western part of Poland, by the border with Germany, not far from the town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. It is the north-west border of the lubuskie region, which is famous for its beautiful nature. The „Ujście Warty” National Park is best to be visited in the spring, when the birds is much more lively and settles here in a much bigger gathering, and there is much more water.

The „Ujście Warty” National Park is one of the most precious areas in Poland, when it comes to the bird population. The wet areas by the Warta river, the extensive meadows and pastures are an especially important mainstay of water and mud birds. Long ago, there were much more wet areas here. But even todasy there’s no doubt, that this place is an Eldorado for birds.

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