Travelling to Poland is 100% safe

We understand that what has just happened in Ukraine is terrible and of course everybody is shocked. However we want to ensure you that travelling to Poland is 100% safe in the same way as travelling to let’s say Spain or Italy. There is nearly 1000 km distance from Warsaw or Krakow to Kiev and even further to war front in eastern or southern Ukraine. Moreover Poland is member of NATO where there are a couple of military bases with numerous soldiers from United States and other western countries and there is no any possibility of any military actions from Russian side. 

Of course we fully respect your decision/choice on this matter but we wanted to share our true thoughts on this situation as we truly believe that there is no real risk related with travelling to Poland and we believe that Poland is absolutely safe and this will not change in coming weeks and months. Life goes on here in completely normal way, there are no visible signs of Ukrainian crisis in Polish cities.

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