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Ukraine Refugees: What you can do to help

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing their country which was brutally invaded by Russian army on 24th February. Poland, which shares 535 km border with Ukraine, is the main destination for those who have left their homes since the war began. During first week of war nearly 1 million of refugees crossed Polish border and majority of them are staying now in reception hubs, special zones or were already taken to private houses and apartments. Everybody is actively helping, from state government and local authorities to non-governmental organizations, humanitarian aid foundations and what is most impressive – millions of Poles who share their own apartments, clothes, food, toys etc. with people from Ukraine. Many of us are involved in helping also those who still stay in Ukraine and suffer from shortages of essential products.

If you want to help and support Ukrainian refugees in Poland by making donation, we give you practical information on how you can do it efficiently.

Option nr 1 – support the city of Przemysl which became a huge refugee camp

You can do it by making a bank transfer to following account:

NAME: Municipal Office in Przemysl
ADDRESS: Rynek 1, 37-700 Przemysl
IBAN: PL 72 1560 0013 2787 7120 6000 0212
TRANSFER TITLE: Pomoc dla Ukrainy (Help for Ukraine)

Option nr 2 – support Polish Humanitarian Aid – one of the largest, trusted humanitarian organizations in Poland

You can do it by debit or credit card payment on portal – popular and trusted charity collector site in Poland. Here is an exact link to English version on the site where you can choose the exact amount that we will go straight to the department dedicated to Ukrainian refugees.

Option nr 3 – support largest social and charity organization in Poland that belongs to the Catholic Church in Poland – Caritas.

You can do it by debit or credit card payment on their offcial website which was created especially for collecting donations for victims of war in Ukraine.

We will keep updating this website according to situation and probably add new options of helping refugees from Ukraine who stay in Poland.

Thank you for your help

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