Winter craziness in Poland part 1

Snow, white frenzy, and later warming yourself up by the fireplace with a cup of tea (or a different drink) and admiring the snowy mountain peaks – these activities can be a description of a perfect winter vacation, but for others it might sound like a report from an unreal trip to the north pole. Luckily, Poland has lots of attractions to offer in the winter for amateurs of active vacation in the mountains (which might seem the most obvious) as well as for people, who are searching some other kinds of offers.

In this article we will introduce you to numerous suggestions on how to spend a winter vacation in our country. So there will be obvious attraction – not to say banal – without which it’s impossible to imagine a successful winter vacation for many Polish people. But there will also be some places and activities, which might be a total surprise at first glance. In the first part of the article we have prepared offers associated with the mountains, skiing and everything more or less related to them. The second part is still about mountains, but it will rather be for those, who love the atmosphere of the mountains, but are not big fans of skiing down the slopes. In the next part of the article we will take our readers away from the highlands and and the mountains, but we will search for typical mountainous wintertime attractions. The final propositions will not be related with the mountain atmosphere at all – these attractions might be totally unconventional, and even surprising for some people.

These places are beloved by many for its beauty and majesty. The cause admiration and delight, but at the same time they cause respect. Between spring and autumn they are crowded by amateurs of hours of walking trips with a backpack. Meanwhile, in the winter they attract fans of white craziness, coming from near and far with skis under their arms towards the ski lifts. When we think of the winter break, the first thing that comes to mind are the mountains and all the attractions associated with them. In the following part of our article we will take a closer look at them and also give some suggestions about interesting alternatives for people who don’t necessarily want to go crazy in the snow.

Many people associate winter and the mountains with one thing – skiing, or eventually riding a snowboard. We are very lucky, because there are plenty slopes in our country and we can take a doze of white craziness without going beyond the border of our home country. Our resorts might not be as highly developed as the alpine ones, but every year they are offering better and better conditions and an increasing number of attractions for tourists. Below we will introduce you to some offers for everyone who enjoy a typical, active winter vacation in our mountains.

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