Winter craziness in Poland part 2

The Tatra mountains – the most popular place for white frenzy
This place might be crowded, loud, expensive and banal, but still the Tatra mountains, and especially Zakopane are enjoying an unabated popularity as a place for a winter vacation. The most popular routes for skiers and snowboarders are located at Kasprowy Wierch and Nosal. Other equally popular places include the Gubałówka Meadow and the Szymoszkowa Meadow. Both experienced sportsmen and amateurs will find places and routes with a proper difficulty level. After going crazy at the slopes you can go to Zakopane and visit probably the most famous street in Poland – Krupówki – where with the sounds of music (not necessarily by highlanders) you can eat as many (not always local either) dishes as you want and also purchase more souvenirs for your dusted collection on the shelves.

For people, who can’t imagine the winter holiday without the Tatra mountains, but don’t really want to visit the crowded Zakopane, we recommend going to the nearby smaller towns. Some of the most well-known and appreciated villages among fans of winter craziness are definitely Bukowina Tatrzańska and Białka Tatrzańska, but there are also other towns with an increasing popularity, such as Małe Ciche and Witów. There you can enjoy good skiing infrastructure, hotels, guesthouses and gastronomic points, and all of that is located in a slightly calmer atmosphere

Resorts in the foothills of Śnieżka and Szrenica
Sudety are a place with something special for fans of both downhill and cross-country skis. It is also a place of the unofficial battle between Karpacz and Szklarska Porębafor the title of winter capital of this mountains region in our country. Ski slopes located in Sudety, especially those focused in the surroundings of Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba are enjoting enormous popularity among tourists. At the slopes of Śnieżka and Szrenica you can find skiing routes with various difficulty levels. But the most popular slope of them all is Zieleniec, located in the Orlickie Mountain range.

In this resort, which is characterized with a specific microcliomate similar to that in the Alps, the snow sheet can be seen for as long as 150 days in a year. It is also worth mentioning, that all the larger winter resorts in Sudety have an interesting and wide relaxation and food offer for tourists, who are tired after a whole day of craziness on the slopes.

Or, how about Beskidy?
Wisła, Szczyrk, Istebna, Ustroń, Korbielów – these are the most popular villages for a winter vacation in Beskidy. In terms of the winter offer for tourists, this region is developing more rapidly and is more confident in competing with the Tatra mountains and Sudety. The local slopes situated at Skrzyczne, Czantoria and Pilsko – which is the second highest Polish mountain behind Kasprowy Wierch available for skiing – offer diverse and interesting routes.

However, what if you’re dreaming of a winter break in the mountains, but don’t want to or can’t ski? Is it even worth to go there in the first place? Of course it is. That’s because mountains have a lot to offer for people who would rather stay away from the slopes in the winer as well.

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