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Kornik Castle

Kornik is one of those castles, which you just have to see at least once. Especially since this is one of the few objects of this type in Greater Poland. In July 2011, this castle was conisidered as a monument of Polish history. You also should appreciate its picturesque location. The Kornik Castle is situated at the edge the Kornickie Lake. Visitors from all over Poland come ot the village of Kornik in the Poznan County. So, what is it about this castle that attracts all those tourists so much?
Check it out for yourelf.

The history of the Kornik Castle dates all the way back to the middle ages. That’s when it was owned by the Górkow family, who decided that this will be the location of their family’s headquarters. Around 1430, the castle, along with the surrounding moat were finished. Today, you can still see the old walls and basements from this time period.

In the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt for the first time. The works gave major changes to its style and from that moment on it was seen as a renaissance building. At that time the Kornik Castle was living the times of its greatness – one of its most important guests was Henryk Walezy, while being on his way to his coronation in Krakow.

Another great time for the castle came along as it became the owning of the Działyński family. That’s when it was rebuilt once again from the initiative of Teofilia Działyńska Szołdrska-Potulicka.
According to the idea of the new owner, the castle was transformed into a baroque-styled aristocratic residence.

The final shape of the castle, which we can admire today is the work of Tytus Działyński. In the 19th century, the project of Karl Friedrich Schinkel was fulfilled. This projects was associated with the original defensive character of the building.

What would a castle be without its white lady? According to legend, the white lady of the Kornik castle is none other than Teofilia Działyńska, who wanders through the area of the castle and the gardens attatched to it. This aristocrat, who was unhappily married twice, was the major reason to the restoration of the Kornik Castle’s former greatness. As legend says, the funds for the necessary renovations were gathered from the treasure left at the area of the castle by the Gorkow family. The evil spirits, who guarded the treasure of the first owners, didn’t let Teofilia sleep in peace and according to legend, she still wanders around the fortress today.

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