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6 beautiful places in the heart of Kaszuby

The Kashubian Switzerland is considered to be the most attractive region of Kaszuby. And for good reason. This is the place where several hundreds of lakes, nature reserves, wild forests and picturesque hills are located. This region of Poland is delightful not only thanks to rich nature, but also because of monuments, original folklore and culture that is still alive today. Let’s discover the4 most beautiful cities and places of the Kashubian Switzerland.

The Kashubian Switzerland is a central, highest located part of the Kashubian Lake District. It extends from Kartuzy to Kościerzyna. Kaszuby is not only gorgeous nature but also – or even most of all – unique Kashubian Culture. A typical attraction is the kashubian language, carefully preserved by local citizens (Since 2005 is has a legal status of a regional language – you can even get a secondary school certificate in this language). Fans of active tourism will find hundreds of kilometers of trails – the Red Kashubian Trail and the Kashubian Road cross this region. The Kashubian Switzerland is an incredible place on the map of Poland.

Kartuzy – the heart of Kaszuby
Kartuzy is located in the centre of Kaszub, by the four „Kartuzy Lakes”. This place is considered one of the most beautiful cities in this region. Plenty of green, charming streets, interesting architecture from the 19th and 20th century create an unusual landscape.

This city was named after the Kartuz Order, which came here in the 14th century. The local monastery build by monks is the most important monument in Kartuzy – the roof of the building stands out with the characteristic shape of a coffin. While visiting Kartuzy, you should also visit the Kashubian Museum, where you can see artefacts associated with Kaszuby and the ethnic group enhabiting it.

Wieżyca – the Kashubian Mount Olympus.
Wieżyca (329 meters above the sea level) is the highest elevation of the Szymbarskie Hills range. It is located in the centre of a nature reserve, covered with a 150 year old beech forest. The trail leading to the top is well-prepared and not very steep.

At the very top of Wieżyca there is a 35 meter observation tower named after John Paul II. From there you can admire the fantastic view of the green landscapes of Kaszuby.

Chmielno – The tourist village in Kaszuby
Chmielno is currently a large tourist-vacation village. Here we can find numerous vacation resorts, chamber guest houses and private lodging. The beautiful sights in this area are served by Lake Białe and Lake Kłodno.

Fans of local culture should visit the Kashubian Ceramics Museum. The products created here are famous all over the world. Visitors can admire ceramic dishes and even… make their own pot.

Szymbark – the Upside Down House
This charming village is located in the heart of the Kashubian Landscape Park. Each year Szymbark attracts crowds of tourists. The most „famous” attraction is, of course, the Upside Down House, which is known for standing on the roof. The interior of the house is equally surprising – armchairs, the table, the bed and the TV are hanging from the ceiling. Some people say hat even a short visit to this peculiar place can mess up your sense of balance.

In Szymbark there are plenty other tourist attraction, and they are all part of the Centre of Education and Promotion of the Region. Apart from the Upside Down House you can also see the largest piano in the world, the World War II Bunker and the world’s largest board, included in the Guinness World Record Listopad

Węsiory – the „Polish Stonehenge”?
The village of Węsiory in Kaszuby is famous for stone circles, which are still shrouded in mystery. They were most likely built by Gots, although many people are eager to point aliens as its creators.
In the 1950s, more than 100 graves were discovered in this area, with perfectly preserved ornaments and jewelery inside.

However, the most mysterious part of it all are four stone circles – the circuit of the largest one is 26 meters. Some people think that they were created earlier than the Got culture.

Kościerzyna – „a choo-choo is standing on the station”
Kościerzyna is located at a small elevation and surrounded by Lake Gałęźne, Lake Kapliczne and Lake Wierzysko. Thanks to the landscape values, the city became a popular tourist centre.

A popular attraction in Kościerzyna is the Railway Museum. Here you can see a locomotive hall and monumental trains, with the oldest ones originating in the late 19th and earyl 20th century. The Museum is located at Towarowa Street, in the direct neighborhood of the railway station. This place is visited by more than 30 000 people each year.

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