8 Best Resorts by the Baltic Sea in Poland

You don’t really have to ride far to spend a great vacation. The Poish coast, extending at the length of 770 kilometers offers plenty of attractions for tourists. Are you wondering where to go for a vacation by the Polish sea? Kołobrzeg, Łeba, Międzyzdroje, Jastarnia, or maybe Ustka? Let’s take a trip through the best seaside resorts in Poland.

Wide, sandy beaches, picturesque cliffs and delightful sunsets. Let us introduce you to 8 best seaside resort in Poland.

1.Leba – the „Polish Sahara”

This is an incredibly popular town by the Polish seaside. The thing that makes Leba different from other health spas by the Baltic Sea, is Europe’s largest complex of quicksand, which is protected by UNESCO as part of the Słowiński National Park. Apart from that, there are wide and sandy beaches, which attract tourists from all over the country.

Leba is also full of family friendly attractions. This is the place, where we can visit the largest dinosaur park in Poland (the so-called Leba Park), the Butterfly Museum with a collection of 4000 insects from all over the worl, the Upside Down Gingerbread House and the Leba Park Maze – the amazing 3D labyrinth. There is also a wide accommodation offer that consists of hotels, guest houses and campsites.

2.Swinoujscie – the cleanest and widest beach in Poland

This seaside resort is unique because of its unusual location – as the only city in Poland it lies on dozens of islands, the largest of which are Uznam, Wolin and Karsibor. A great advantage of this place is the widest beach in Poland, which extends at the length of 10 kilometers and was awarded with the Blue Flag many times. This is am excellent place for families, because the beach has a gentle, shallow approach to the sea and the highest water temperature at the entire Baltic Sea!

What attractions can you find in Swinoujscie? This is the place, where you can find the highest lighthouse in Poland, which is 68 meters high. In order to get to the observation terrace, you have to get through 308 steps! There is also something special for fans of sightseeing – a stronghold complex of the Świnoujście fortress, which consists of the Gerhard, Western and Angel strongholds.

3.Ustka – the summertime capital of Poland.

This is a perfect choice not only for a family vacation. Tourists are mostly attracted by a wide beach with fine sand, which keeps growing every year… That’s all because of the creation of an artificial reef, which is mostly meant to protect the sea edge from the destructive activity of sea waves. There are also numerous, lively restaurants and fish-frying houses, which allowed Ustka to maintai the atmosphere of a harbor town.

Something for fans of sightseeing? For example, the Bluecher Bunkers with an underground gallery, the Bread Museum and the lighthouse. Outside of the full season Ustka is a paradise for people searching for amber. This is the place where we can find the best examplees of this precious stone. Each year the „Family Amber Washing Championship” is organized, which is a contest in looking for „the gold of the Baltic Sea” on the beach.

4.Kolobrzeg – in the sea of health spas.

Kolobrzeg is more and more often referred to as „The Polish capital of spas”. Without a doubt, this is the largest and most beautiful health spa at the Polish seaside. This is largely because of the location of the resort in the neighborhood of forests and rich deposit of brine and mud with medical advantages. There ais a total of 24 health spa establishments in Kolobrzeg!

What other attractions can you find in Kolobrzeg? A Blue Flag- awarded beach. The most picturesque part of this beach can be found by the western side of the estuary of Parsęta, in the direction of Grzybowo If you get tired of water and sand, you can take a walk through the charming Old Town and go to the well-known lighthouse, from which you can admire views of the harbor and the city. It is also worth renting a bicycle and take a ride down one of the numerous cycling paths.

5.Miedzyzdroje – vacation „with the stars”

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous resort at the Baltic Sea. For many years, this small town at the island of Wolin has been attractig beach fans and… the stars of Polish cinema. Right here, since 1996, the European Celebrity Festival is organized each year. Tourists visiting this town can take a walk down the famousc Celebrity Promenade and see the handprints of the most significant stars of the Polish movie scene.

In Miedzyzdroje there is also something for fans of… mountain hiking. Yes, that’s right. Not far from the city there is the Gosań mountain (the highest one in the Polish coast), at the top of which an observation point has been built. The views extending from the top are truely one of a kind. Fans of nature will also be delighted with forest paths in the Wolinski National Park.

6.Destination? Hel

This is a perfect destination for fans of an active vacation. Because of its location on a headland and strong winds, Hel mostly attracts of water sports – kitesurfers and windsurfers. But that’s not allm, because the long sandy beach will also be appreciated by fans of lazy relaxing on the sand and long walks along the edge of the sea.

From Hel you can take the water tram to the Tricity. Gdańsk delights with the architecture of the old part of the city. Sopot attracts with the longest molo in Europe. And Gdynia is proud of the largest marine in Poland, with amazing yachts and monumental sailboats.

7.Jastarnia – for surfers and bicyclists

This is a small Baltic Sea town, a the very heart of Mierzeja Helska, at the end of Poland. In astarnia tourists can choose between six swimming areas. The biggest attraction of the resort ae, of course, the beaches – clear, with nice, soft sand – extending by the open Baltic Sea and the Puck Bay. In this place there are good conditions for surfers.

People, who want to spend their time actively with their families, should rent a bike and go on a trip down an especially prepared cycling path, which extends from Władysławowo (through Jastarnia) all the way to Hel. Along the way you should stop in Jurata to relax on a sand beach.

8.Mielno – the Polish Ibiza

The wide beach, extensive forest areas, attractive tourist trails and a wide entertainment offer – no wonder why Mielno has many permanent fans. This seaside resort is often called „the Polish Ibiza”. Tourists who love lively places, will be delighted with a local club offer. Active tourists can go on a trip through one of the especially prepared bicycle trails.

What should you se in Mielno? For example, the nearby Koszalin Seaside Belt with dunes and forest areas. You can also go to lake Jamno, where you can rent a boat and take a short trip.

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