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A beaver camp in Stary Sącz

Bobrowisko under Stary Sącz was created in the fork of two rivers – Dunajec and Poprad. Back in the 1950, the excavation of the aggregation began. The gravel pit was functioning for more than 40 years. A quarter century ago it was out of business, and the area was reclaimed. While visditing this attraction, you will find a tiny model, associated with the history of this place. But perhaps the thing that deserves extra special attention around here is the beaver settlement. Here, these animals build their dams and lodges, using the trees they can find in their surroundings.

How to get to the beaver camp?
The enclave is located at the outskirts of Stary Sącz. While crossing the bridge at the Dunajec river, you’ll have to turn left. Since there are still no signs showing the way to the beaver camp, you should follow those leading to the Lemur rope park. After about 250 meters, you’ll reach the gravel path. This is the beginning of the trail. At the crossroad there is a huge information board and some slightly smaller arrows informing about the direction of the walk. It takes about 1,5 hours to get here from Kraków by car, or 10 minutes from Nowy Sącz. If you have more time to spend here, we also recommend visiting the nearby Rocky Town (Skamieniałe Miasto) in Ciężkowice, or take a walk through fairytale-like trail of Beskid Sądecki.

Good news – you don’t have to pay for either leaving your car on the parking lot, nor entering beaver camp itself! When you go a bit further, the path is nicely marked, so you can easily find the right way. It only takes about 500 meters to get to the beaver camp.

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