A trip to the Tatra Mountains with the youngest (easy trails in Zakopane)

Many of us love trips to beautiful places connected with nature. This is a perfect way to escape from the overwhelming reality and take advantage of the beauty of the world which is around us. One of the most common physical activities practiced by people is undoubtedly climbing and mountain walking. But what to do when we have children and we want to go to the mountains? Planning a route is quite time-consuming, because a child gets tired on a demanding route much faster than an adult. That is why we offer you a helpful hand and want to present to you the trails in the Tatra Mountains that are friendly for the youngest travelers.

1. Strazyska Valley

A trip to the Strazyska Valley is an ideal proposition for people starting their adventure with the mountains. The route is only 2 kilometers one way, and there are plenty of attractions along the way. We have a panorama of Giewont at our fingertips. At Strazyska Valley you can stop for tea at the buffet. At the end of the trip, we will see the magnificent Siklawica waterfall. This route does not require long and tiring walking, but provides many different attractions during the journey. It is worth noting, that during the holiday season this place is very popular among tourists, so you should be prepared to meet large crowds during this period of time.

2. Koscieliska Valley to PTTK Shelter on Orlik Depot

This valley is one of the most popular places not only in the summer season, but all year round. From this place you can set out to conquer the surrounding caves, such as: Mylna, Mrozna, Raptawicka. You can also go to the picturesque gorge Krakow or over the Smerczynski Pond, where the PTTK shelter is located. The last option is for everyone. Even the smallest wanderer will cope with the task. It is worth noting, however, that the route is quite long because it is 5 kilometers long.

However, it is a gentle, relaxing route. In addition, there is a stream running along the road, there are also several places to rest, so you can organize a pleasant stopover.

3. Rusinowa Glade

It is one of the most beautiful and best viewpoints in the entire Tatra Mountains.

The place is absolutely amazing – you can see the beautiful panorama of the High Tatras, including Ice Peak, Baranie Rogi, Gerlach, Rysy. What’s more, in the summer season, sheep grazing is carried out in the clearing and you can buy the local delicacy oscypek nearby. It is also worth mentioning here that a place is located nearby, on the route: the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Jaworzynska in Wiktorowki.

It is located on the trail from Zazadnia to Rusinowa Polana. If we leave and return to Wierch Poroniec or Palenica Bialczanska and we will not pass Wiktorowki, we encourage you to specially approach there – from Rusinka it is only 10 minutes. It is worth visiting both the sanctuary and the wall that commemorates the victims of mountain expeditions. There is also a healing water – it is commonly believed that this water has healing properties, and the history of this place is also very interesting. The length of the round-trip route is about 9 kilometers and will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

4. Koscieliska Valley to Mrozna Cave

From the Koscieliska Valley, you can also go towards the Mrozna Cave. The cave has lighting, thanks to which it is perfectly prepared for the youngest hikers. You can start the trail from Kir and until the trails split, where the black trail turns left to the Mrozna Cave, we go along the bottom of the Koscieliska Valley. Later, the route is a bit more demanding, because at times it is very uphill. Next, we will have a fragment running through the cave, which will definitely be the biggest attraction. Despite the lighting, we recommend taking headlamps, although they are not very necessary, will certainly be an additional reason for joy for children. It is also worth noting that the cave can be quite slippery due to the humidity, so watch out for running children.

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5. The Mala Laka Valley to Wielka Polana Malolocka

The Mala Laka Valley is the smallest from the general valleys in the Tatra Mountains. Although it is quite close to the Koscieliska Valley, it is much less crowded. The heart of this place is a picturesque clearing with views of the beautiful peaks of the Tatra Mountains. It is best to start the trail through the Mala Laka Valley from Groniki and follow the yellow markings. The route is pleasant and light, while providing great entertainment. Moreover, it is not long. You can organize a picnic after you achieve your final destination.

6. Kalatowki Glade and Hala Kondratowa

These places are our next proposal when the youngest enters the journey. There are shelters both on Kalatowki Glade and Hala Kondratowa. Crocuses are blooming on the first of these clearings. Combined with the beauty of the snow-covered peaks of the Tatra Mountains in the background, it creates truly unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.What’s more, the photos in this place are also above average. The trail to Kalatowki, from where you can continue to Hala Kondratowa, starts in Kuznie. You can reach Kuznice on foot from Zakopane, or use the buses that run along this section. The trail itself is not long. It is also not too demanding, although it may seem so at the beginning of the route, due to the numerous hills. After passing the route, your eyes will see a breathtaking view of the Tatra Mountains. From this place, you can also move further towards Hala Kondratowa. This part of the trail, however, differs significantly from the route to Kalatowki. After descending to the lower part of Kalatowki Glade, we enter a forest path, narrow and rocky in places, so it gets a little more difficult. However, if the child is a true lover of walking, he or she will manage without a bigger problem.

7. Morskie Oko Lake

It is a very popular destination that attracts many tourists every year. The trail to Morskie Oko starts at Palenica Bialczanska and runs along an asphalt road. Although the route runs along an asphalt road, it is 8 kilometers long one way, so it is not the easiest. However, don’t worry, because there are plenty of places to stop and rest on the route. Characteristic of this place are Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza – waterfalls. Going further, you will notice that stone paths leading through the forest reflect off the asphalt road, thanks to these paths you can shorten the travel time. Another characteristic point isWlosienica Glade, from which it is quite close to Morskie Oko. When you reach your destination, you will see the largest glacial lake in the Tatra Mountains. What’s more, from the shore of the lake you can admire the wonderful landscape of the mountains.

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